What to Wear on Safari

This is our infographic cheat sheet for packing for a safari. it is a visual - & quick - guide on men's and women's safari clothing advice and what to wear on safari - an additional visual travel resource as you prepare for your safari.

What to Wear on Safari

⊙ Use our safari clothing packing advice cheat sheet below for handy tips on what to wear on safari and the safari clothing to pack in advance.

⊙ Use this infographic together with our full safari clothing advice for the full picture on what safari clothes to pack for Africa.

⊙ Please also read our comprehensive guidelines for packing for a safari by visiting our expert safari packing advice pages too. Specifically, get detailed information on safari binoculars, safari luggage advice for bush planes and overland safaris, and advice on essential safari accessories for your African travels.

⊙ Please also go to our best-in-the-business safari packing list for your comprehensive, tailor-made travel checklist.

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Safari Packing List - What to wear for your safari

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