A guide to ordering the right size

Ordering clothing online is quick and easy if you know how. Follow this measuring guide to make sure you order the right size the first time. Please note that this applies to size charts which use garment measurements only, and not for body measurements.

Ordering clothing online can be a daunting task, especially if your clothing is being shipped from abroad. We often get asked why we have our own sizing system and don't stick to standard UK sizing. Simply put, there is no such thing as a standard UK size anymore as there are so many international brands available in the UK. It is for this reason that we ask clients to measure their garments rather than assume their sizing.

So, instead of assuming your 'usual' size, it is very important to take measurements instead. We recommend that you base your sizing on measurements from garments you already own. Simply select a garment from your closet that is similar in design to the one you wish to order and compare measurements between the two. Make sure the garment you select from your closet is a comfortable fit.

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