Steve's Off the Beaten Track Safaris

Think you have done it all? Our MD recommends his favourite mind-blowing, do-able journeys in Africa he thinks you absolutely cannot miss! Find out more in our off the beaten track safari story, podcasts, maps, and pictures.

The best kind of adventure happens when you travel off the beaten track - and this is true for safari too. Our MD, Steve Adams, tells us his three favourite destinations which will take you off the beaten track and into the African wilderness.

Through podcasts, maps, and interviews, you'll get a taste of these spectacular adventures. Learn what essentials to pack for each destination and what activities are recommended. Come on a virtual safari with us and get some safari destination inspiration for your African travels.

A colourful sunset reflected on a river amongst silhouetted trees and reeds.

#1 Caesar & The Desert Sky (Namibia)

"It’s head and shoulders above any safari I’ve ever done."

What would make Steve second-guess his love of traditional safari? In this edition of the series, Steve recounts how his time in Namibia won him over as the top off the beaten track safari destination in Africa. Find out what makes Namibia stand out as a destination with an interactive map, pictures, and a podcast interview - and find out what to take along to make the most of the experience.

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The close-up of the wing of a small plane flying over a golden desert in Africa

#2 The Wild West (Katavi & Mahale)

“It was like something from a Jurassic Park movie”

Beautiful, brutal Tanzania is the runner up as Steve counts down his top off the beaten track safaris. Join us as we explore the vast, barren landscape of Katavi to the jungle of the Mahale Mountains on the shores of Lake Tanganyika . From screaming chimps to crocodiles in caves, Steve reveals wild Africa - Katavi and Mahale - with pictures, maps, podcasts, and packing advice.

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A wooden structure on a narrow strip of beach in front of a lush mountain range in Tanzania Africa

#3 Okavango Explorations (Botswana)

“You’re seeing an incredible wilderness area from a mekoro or from a plane.”

Follow a hippo path on a dugout canoe into one of the most pristine wilderness areas in the world. Poling your own mekoro is an exciting way to connect with an ancient skill and to see and experience the beauty of the Delta. From our inspiring podcast to maps, pictures, and packing advice, Steve tells us all about the wonders of the Okavango.

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People paddle kayaks on a shimmering river at sunset

A sunset in Africa with a large pink sun setting over the savanna

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