Love Your Bags for Longer with Protective Luggage Covers

Protective luggage covers are one of the top travel accessories to ensure your favourite bag goes on a lifetime of adventures

Love Your Bags for Longer with Protective Luggage Covers

Travel and adventure can be tough on luggage. Your favourite travel and safari duffel bags go through it all. From rough handling at the airport to the long-term wear and tear that comes with years of adventure, taking care of your canvas and leather holdall is easily achived by using a luggage protective cover. Find out more about these essential luggage accessories - a useful tool to extend the lifespan of your safari and travel luggage, helping you to enjoy more adventures.

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Why you need protective luggage covers and where to use them

  • • Safari and adventure travel conditions in particular can be dusty and tough on bags: If you are going on safari - and if you are following our safari luggage advice - you will see that a soft-sided bag is a safari essential. This is primarily because your bag will be shoved into the cramped hold of small planes for fly-in safaris, making hard luggage ill-suited to the task. When you're on the move, Africa can be dusty and tough on luggage. This makes an extra barrier to wear and tear a good call for anyone worried about the longevity of their precious bags.
  • • Even the toughest duffels are made from fabric: At The Safari Store, we are proud of the quality of our safari-grade canvas and leather holdalls and duffels. However, canvas is still a fabric and, while it is durable, it is not impervious to the damage that comes with scraping along rough surfaces, contact with sharp items, or catching on objects, which can result in rips and tears.
  • • A bag's base is vulnerable: A duffel bag spends its life on its base. This makes it a point to watch for wear and tear. The bag protectors we have created for our range of duffels and holdalls takes this into account, with hard plastic runners along the base of the bag to protect this vulnerable spot when you're on the move.
  • • Luggage that last longer: Ultimately, the number one reason to use a luggage protector cover is to increase the lifespan of your bags - no matter where you take them. These simple luggage accessories are an investment in the longevity of your luggage for everything from globe-trotting, safari, business travel, outdoor adventures, and weekend jaunts to daily use for going to the gym or golf course.

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Top Luggage Accessories: Protective Luggage Covers

Our luggage protectors are made to be luggage protector covers that act as a cocoon for our range of Mara&Meru™ and Rufiji™ canvas and leather luggage. They come in two sizes - each adapted to specific bags within the range.

Luggage protective covers for Rufiji and Mara&Meru duffel bags

The Luggage Protector

Made for the Rufiji™ Explorer II, Mara&Meru™ Safari Voyager III and Voyager Southern Cross Bags, and the Mara&Meru™ Quintessential Leather Bag. If you own an original-style Rufiji™ Explorer or Mara&Meru™ Safari Voyager Bag (excluding the suit bags), this luggage protector will be the right fit for your bag.

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Summary of luggage protector cover features:

Protective luggage covers with two hard plastic runners to protect the base of duffel bags

Our protective luggage covers have two hard plastic runners to protect the base of the duffel bag.

The Safari Store's luggage protector covers come in two sizes

Made in two sizes to accommodate our Mara&Meru™ and Rufiji™ luggage range

Luggage protective covers in a wraparound design for canvas and leather travel bags from The Safari Store

Our protective luggage covers wrap around duffels and secure around the handles.

Luggage protector covers from The Safari Store are made from canvas with brass detail

These bag protectors are made from safari-grade canvas with brass detail.

Luggage Protectors Questions and Answers

We provide answers to questions we are frequently asked about luggage protectors

Are luggage covers worth it?

No matter who you are, the rigors of air travel and baggage handlers can eventually take their toll. A luggage cover provides an extra layer to your bag. While plastic wrapping your bag is an option offered by most airports, the use of a bag protector is a far more environmentally friendly option.

How can I protect my luggage?

Protective luggage covers prevent scuffing and damage from hard handling, tough travel conditions, and long-term wear and tear. It's also a good idea to protect the materials of your bag from the inside. Zip-lock anything that could potentially leak and stain the material of your canvas and leather luggage from the inside - and be conscious of sharp objects (especially in very full bags).

Are luggage covers allowed?

Luggage covers are allowed by airlines and the TSA on condition that they can be easily removed by officers. They may even cut them in the performance of their duties. The protective luggage covers from The Safari Store wrap around the bag with easy-on, easy-off press studs so you can start your trip with minimal stress.

Do luggage covers work?

Our canvas luggage covers provide an extra layer to mitigate the chance of scuffing, rips, and tears. It also reduces the chance of zips or hardware snagging badly and ripping while in transit. If you are looking to extend the life of your bag and give it a barrier to dust and dirt, a luggage cover is a great option. That said, there is always an exception to the general rule in the case of extremely tough conditions and gross mishandling.

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