Quick Travel Tips: Hwange National Park

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Quick Travel Advice For Hwange National Park

Your questions answered on a Zimbabwe safari to Hwange National Park

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Hwange National Park Travel Advice From The Safari Store
Travel advice for Hwange National Park by The Safari Store - Deteema waterhole

If you are planning a safari to Zimbabwe, you are no doubt considering Hwange National Park as a destination. As Zimbabwe's largest and best-known national park, it is a park made great by the diversity of its landscapes. From mopani and teak woodlands to thornveld and grasslands, the park is divided into five distinct wilderness areas. This variety of landscapes is also an attraction to over 400 recorded species of birds and around 100 mammals.

In this story, we give quick travel tips and insights on Hwange National Park, destination inspiration for Zimbabwe and Hwange, as well as links through to detailed Hwange National Park safari packing advice and a handy shopping guide, so you can fill your suitcase with the best safari clothing for your Zimbabwe adventure.

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Advice For Travellers: Hwange National Park

  • What Is Hwange National Park Known For?: The park boasts low tourist numbers and, in some areas, an incredible sense of remoteness. What it lacks in people it makes up for in elephants - with a population of between 20 000 and 70 000. This is the second highest population of elephants after Chobe National Park. Hwange's popularity is due in part to its ease of access for travellers, as well as the many different accommodation offerings for both self-drive safari-goers, campers, and overlanders, as well as luxury safari travellers. These Hwange National Park lodges, camps, and campsites have something for every budget and are offered by a combination of national parks and private operators. If you are interested in history and culture, the Bumbusi ruins and rock engravings near Sinamatella are areas of historical significance. In the style of Great Zimbabwe, the Bumbusi ruins date back to the 18th century and are a national monument. The engravings are San petroglyphs depicting wildlife spoor and human footprints. Both historical sites are located against the backdrop of beautiful scenery.

  • What Animals Are In Hwange National Park? : Hwange is home to the Big 5, which makes it a popular Zimbabwean safari destination. Can you see rhinos in Hwange? While it is accepted that a rhino population exists in Hwange, they are scarce and difficult to see. Apart from its abundance of elephants, Hwange is also well-known for its predator sightings that include lion and African wild dogs. The park has over 100 mammal species and over 400 recorded bird species to entice every kind of nature lover.

  • What Is The Best Time of Year To Visit Hwange National Park?: As with many Southern African safari destinations, Hwange's most popular time of year for game-viewing is in the dry season (July to October). May to September also happens to be the best time to visit Victoria Falls, so the answer to this may depend on your desired Zimbabwe itinerary. The dry season is also the best time to see large herds of elephant congregate at the waterholes. If you are planning to travel at this time of year, it is prudent to book ahead as camps can fill very quickly. That said, the change in vegetation and spectacular migratory birds give the wet season its own special allure. If you decide to travel in the wet summer months, be aware that temperatures can get very hot, game-viewing is more challenging, and some roads may become impassable in the rains.

  • Is There Malaria In Hwange?: Hwange National Park is located in a medium to high risk area of Zimbabwe. The risk of malaria is particularly high during the wet summer months - from October to May. While the risk may be slightly reduced during the dry season, an anti-malarial prophylactic is recommended for travel to Hwange National Park all year round. Please consult your medical practitioner around medical concerns before travelling and stock up on reliable insect repellent and BUGTech anti-insect clothing.

  • How Do You Get To Hwange National Park?: There are no international or domestic flights to Hwange National Park. Hwange National Park is usually accessed from Victoria Falls - whether as a self-driver, by road transfer, or air charter. It is a two- to three-hour drive or 30-minute flight from Victoria Falls by private charter. If you are self-driving, a 4x4 is recommended and we suggest talking to the camp, lodge, or locals to find out about the condition of the roads beforehand. If you are entering Zimbabwe from Botswana, the Pandamatenga border is one of the quieter borderposts, making it a really good option for overlanders. Game view in transit and take in the beautiful Matetsi views as you travel between the border and Hwange National Park.

  • Hwange Lodges and Camps: Hwange National Park has a range of accommodation options available for every kind of traveller - both within and on the outskirts of the park. Zimparks provides camping and self-catering lodges, chalets, and tented accommodation inside Hwange National Park. They also offer camp-out options at waterholes and picnic sites, which are a wonderful way to experience the park for more adventurous travellers. There are also many private operators both within the park and located in concessions outside the park.
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What To Wear In Hwange National Park:
What you wear on safari makes a difference to your experiences. Get top tips on what to pack for a safari to Hwange National Park. Find out everything you need to know about preparing with essential warm-weather safari clothing, ever-important sun protection, staying bite-free with insect defence clothing and accessories. Read our Hwange safari packing advice and shop the products.

Zimbabwe safari destination inspiration - lions near Ngweshla in Hwange National Park

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Hwange National Park Quick Travel Tips | Hide and Seek In Hwange National Park: Destination Inspiration for Zimbabwe | What To Pack For a Safari To Hwange National Park |

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