5 things NOT to pack for your safari (and 5 essentials)

Monday 17th June 2024
5 things NOT to pack for your safari (and 5 essentials)

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C. Fraser Claire

Packing for an African safari doesn't need to be daunting with our safari packing quick tips.

In preparing for your African safari, you may encounter some unexpected parameters on what to pack. These are the top five items to leave behind when going on safari - and the five essentials to take in their place.

1. Leave camo, cotton, and colour Your clothing colour is important on safari. Camouflage clothing is illegal in some African countries and bright colours, black, and white should be avoided unless around the lodge. Dark colours also tend to be more attractive to insects. Technical fabrics are also preferable over natural fibres for their comfort and performance in hot climates.

The essential: Women's, men's, and kids' long-sleeve shirts in technical fabrics

2. Leave hard suitcases These won't do in the cramped holds of small planes and the back of Land Rovers on the way to the lodge.

The essential: Squashable, soft, strong safari duffels and holdalls

3. Leave drones These are restricted in an increasing number of reserves around eastern, central, and southern Africa.

Pack the number one safari essential instead: High-quality binoculars for safari

4. Leave portable hairdryers Many camps supply hairdryers, while others do not have the power supply to run these appliances.

No need to worry: You'll always look great in one of our Wide-brimmed safari hats

5. Leave strong-smelling perfume and sprays - especially on walking safaris.

In its place: Don't leave home without essential Australian-made insect repellent (and use underarm deodorant to keep smelling fresh)

A woman wearing a safari hat sitting outdoors on the edge of a rock with packed canvas and leather luggage

Read our full safari packing advice, and view our safari packing list.

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