What to Wear on Safari: Quick Guide to Safari Colours

What to Wear on Safari: Quick Guide to Safari Colours

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C. Fraser Claire

One way to celebrate safari is by wearing made-for-purpose safari clothing in Africa.

If you have booked your trip to Africa, how you should dress for a safari will be an important part of your travel plan. When planning what to wear on an African safari, colour is one of the most important considerations. This quick guide to safari colours should assist with what to wear on safari.


What colour should you wear on safari? We recommend neutral safari clothing for your African travels. This includes shades of khaki, brown, beige/tan, and green. These colours blend in well with the bush and are best-suited to safari travel for a few important reasons.


Game-viewing By blending in with your surroundings, you enhance your game-viewing. Watching wildlife behaving naturally is the best way to see Africa’s spectacular fauna. The colour of your clothing can potentially scare off or disturb your sighting – something you want to avoid.

Activities Don’t miss the chance to experience the bush in as many ways as possible. For game drives and self-drives, dress the part to make the most of any opportunity to go on a short walk. For walking safaris and other active safaris, the colour of your clothing matters for your wildlife encounters and can contribute to the quality of your sightings and, in some cases, your safety.

Made for safari Exploring the bush can be gloriously dusty and dirty. Shades of khaki have long been worn by safari-goers for not showing up dirt as easily as other colours.

When in Africa One way to celebrate safari is by wearing made-for-purpose safari clothing in Africa. With fashionable safari clothes for women and men always being in style, you can add a touch of safari to your wardrobe back home too.

Want to know exactly what to pack for a safari? Use our free customisable safari packing list tool to create a travel checklist of what to take on safari.

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Blue and black Black and blue stand out in the bush, but there is another reason to avoid wearing these colours on safari. If you are travelling to an area with tsetse flies, this attracts the dreaded fly – an insect with a painful bite – so much so that fly traps are made from blue and black fabric.

Can you wear white on safari? White stands out more than any other colour in the African bush and so isn’t suitable for safari activities. That said, slipping into a white shirt for dinner in the evening is a great feeling. Shop men's and women's white shirts.

Working out what to pack for a safari doesn’t have to be difficult. Read our comprehensive safari packing advice to find out what to wear on safari, download your free safari packing list, or contact us for assistance.

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