Binoculars By Vortex

We rate binoculars as the number one safari essential. A pair of high quality binoculars are vitally important to the success of your safari, and to your safety while on safari. Not only do good binoculars bring distant wildlife closer to you, but they also allow you to remain a safe distance away from the larger mammals while still appreciating their natural behaviour and details of their species in intimate detail. Please take at least one pair of good binoculars per couple, with one pair per person the ideal so that neither of you miss out when viewing the same hunt, nesting bird or your guide is pointing out something which you need binoculars to see. While this does depend on the quality of the optics, the general rule is that 10x42 binoculars are the ideal combination of magnification (10x) and aperture (42mm) for optimal wildlife viewing.

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