Safari Shirts By Mara&Meru™

Safari shirts for men, women, and children in a range of styles. Choose specially-developed and expedition-tested MaraTech™ and BUGTech™ fabrics for comfort, protection, packing convenience, and style for Africa and outdoor travel.

Safari Shirts Read our Safari Shirts Packing Advice

  • Pack safari shirts which are made from neutral, natural tones such as shades of khaki, green, and brown.
  • Pack more safari shirts which are long-sleeved safari shirts with roll-up sleeve tabs over short-sleeved shirts - simply as you are able to roll your sleeves up and down when you need to stay cool, keep warm, or to avoid sunburn on your arms.
  • Pack safari shirts which offer a combination of effective wicking, sun protection (SPF50+ is best), and proven insect protection.
  • As a general rule, safari shirts made from man-made fibres (e.g. polyamide) are superior to natural fibres such as cotton as they wick moisture away from the skin much faster than cotton shirts. Faster wicking means faster cooling. This is particularly important for any long-sleeved or collared shirt.
  • Pack safari shirts which have a collar to protect your neck from the sun.

    Number of men's, women's, and kid's safari shirts to pack for your safari:
    Up to 4-day safari: x 2; Up to 8-day safari: x 4; Up to 12-day safari: x 6

Mara&Meru™ Laced Safari Tank

Mara&Meru™ Laced Safari Tank

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