Why You Should (Always) Go on an African Safari

Why You Should (Always) Go on an African Safari

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C. Fraser Claire

With a wide world full of wonders to experience, my first choice is always Africa and safari travel.

If we’re anything alike, you’re always dreaming of your next holiday. No matter who you are, a safari stands to be nurturing, exhilarating, relaxing, and life-changing. These are the top reasons why you should – in a world of travel options – always pick a safari.


Luxury is underscored in Africa. Juxtaposing remoteness with fine dining, lavish décor, and all the trimmings, safari lodges give new meaning to luxury. But luxury comes in small things – a cold drink on a hot day, a fresh shirt after the dust of the day, a host of new experiences that make their mark on our lives.

From exclusive, five-star lodges to navigating your own 4x4 on a personal odyssey, a safari can be whatever you want it to be – with some planning and research. Kruger Park in South Africa, for instance, has largely tarred roads and fenced camps for the more conservative travellers. On the other end of the spectrum, those looking for adventure can explore areas with no roads at all, with activities that could take you trekking for gorillas, paddling wild rivers, or walking in the wilderness.

Whether pulling out the stops on a five-star safari or bumping along dust roads on your very own explorations, something of your inner landscape changes on safari. One thing’s for sure, the continent rarely fits within preconceptions.

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No matter where you go in Africa, you are often rewarded with remarkable landscapes, spectacular wildlife, and diverse and friendly people. If you love the outdoors, a safari is definitely for you. Whether you are going on walking safaris or game driving through the bush on open Land Rovers, there is nothing quite so therapeutic as this multi-sensory adventure.

Bird and wildlife enthusiasts, prepare to be won over. The continent is teeming with unique species. In scanning the bush or tracking on foot, the magnificence of existence lives in Africa’s details. A lion roaring at night. The head toss of an elephant. Our experience of African wildlife is humbling – taking us back to our origins, repositioning our daily worries, and giving human life pointed context.

There is nothing like the excitement of a great sighting. All your searching is rewarded by even a glimpse of wildlife. Once, on a self-drive in South Africa, I watched a flustered man with a tough demeanour turn to giggles on pointing out a cheetah in the grass. I don’t know many people who aren’t transformed into a state of wonder watching wildlife. This goes for intimate sightings of one elephant in a bush to the marvel of plains alive with the motion, sound, and drama of the Great Migration.

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If you’ve never been on safari, go once. If you have been once, you will agree – the yearning to go back aches in the most unforeseen ways. No two experiences of Africa will ever be the same and, often, one gets braver with every trip. Love an area? See it in every season. Go back. See and travel Africa in as many ways as possible. It will always be extraordinary. Supporting eco-tourism is also one of the best ways to preserve these precious wild places which are so often at risk.

Many people are hesitant to take their children on safari. However, there are plenty of family-friendly safari destinations. These are the holidays you and your children will never forget. A safari also fosters fascination in the natural world, a love of the outdoors, and a shift in perspective which will stay with them for a lifetime. Read more about family safaris, with interviews with some of our partner tour operators and advice.

The reasons to go on safari are not exhaustive. Every safari enthusiast has unique reasons for loving Africa. For those of us lucky enough to go over and over again, we discover new reasons in every sunset, every heat-filled day, and every wildlife encounter.

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