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These boots are comfortable, hardy, and reliable. They were designed by us for use by anti-poaching teams in Africa and so we periodically donate a pair, or pairs, to anti-poaching units in Africa.

The Rufiji™ APU (Anti-Poaching Unit) Combat Safari Boots are made in South Africa from genuine leather with sturdy rubber soles. Designed with the needs of the APU in mind, they are built for days of walking through rivers and bush. The brave anti-poaching troops needed shoes that are

comfortable and durable - and these boots go beyond fulfilling those needs. But where did it all begin? It started with passion: passion for wildlife and the strong desire to protect it. We wanted to help, but couldn't exactly run into the wilderness with guns - so Steve approached the men who could.

After meeting with the anti-poaching unit at Hluhluwe-iMfolozi and their officer-in-chief, Jabulani Ngubani, we set about designing the Rufiji™ APU Combat Safari Boots with our Rufiji™ shoemaker. By combining a new classic boot style with wildebeest hide, we came up with the prototype for the boots and then we sent the boots to Hluhluwe-iMfolozi to see if they would actually work in the field.

Since then, the boots have undergone thorough testing by APU member, Zenzele Tembe. He walked a total of 480km on patrols in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi before reporting back to us with positive results. According to Zenzele, the boots are 'very suitable to the dry savannah land and are light on the feet'. Tactically, he says the boots are 'ideal as the footprints can be easily concealed'. He says the shoes are 'soft but protect the feet from the rough terrain'. He also noted that they 'dry fast which is ideal for rainy days and walking through rivers'.

His feedback inspired us to do more and donate more and we launched the YOUbuy, WEgive initiative to give you, our client, an opportunity to get involved.

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How does the project work?

Our YOUbuy, WEgive initiative is geared towards helping game reserves and their surrounding communities. The Rufiji™ APU Combat Safari Boots were designed by us for use by anti-poaching teams in Africa and so we periodically donate a pair, or pairs, to anti-poaching units in Africa.

The Safari Store has donated boots to the following establishments:

Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve (South Africa)
Somkhanda Game Reserve, pictured on the right (South Africa)
Save Valley Wild Dog Conservation Project / African Wildlife Conservation Fund (South Africa)
Garamba (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Maputo Special Reserve (Mozambique)
Rhinos Without Borders (Botswana)
Department of National Parks and Wildlife, Northern Kafue (Zambia)
Manyoni Private Game Reserve (South Africa)

Together with our partners, we have also supplied boots to uMkhuze, Tembe, Opathe, Ithala, and Ukuwela Game Reserves. Scroll down to the map below to see where our boots have gone.

Let's work together to keep the APU on their feet, fighting poachers and saving Africa's wildlife.

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Walking Africa.
Thanks to your support, our Rufiji™ APU Combat Safari Boots are being used by anti-poaching troops on an increasing number of reserves in a range of African countries.

Keeping feet - and eyes - on the ground for anti-poaching

Another part of our anti-poaching support is to donate binoculars to APUs - helping them to keep a closer watch on wildlife during their patrols. Alongside our growing boots project, we have started a Rental Retirement Project which gives old rental binoculars a new purpose in the hands of anti-poaching units.

With the help of Vortex Optics, we were also able to deliver brand new binoculars to a few reserves. Pictured on the left is Dave Gilroy of Somkhanda Game Reserve accepting six pairs of Vortex 10x42 binoculars and boots for their APU.

Read more about the Rental Retirement Project >

Two armed men from the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi APU guarding two white rhinos while on patrol

Keeping the wildlife warriors on their feet.
The men and women on wildlife patrol across Africa have tough jobs and we aim to make their days just a little bit easier by giving them boots that are comfortable and durable.

A man in blue overalls applying glue to the bottom of a leather boot as part of the shoe manufacturing process

Heart and sole.
Lovingly crafted from natural materials, individual attention and the keen focus of a team of African craftsmen go into each pair.

A woman and man wearing leather military boots while on safari. Ladies combat boots look great with a dress and safari hat.
Buy a safari shirt dress to wear with the Rufiji combat boots to get a stylish and rugged adventure look
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