Giving old binoculars a new purpose in the hands of anti-poaching units

As any avid African traveller knows, a high-quality pair of binoculars are a safari essential. From scanning the landscape to watching the natural behaviour of wildlife without getting too close, great optics are an investment and stand to alter your experience of the bush tremendously. Knowing this, The Safari Store sought to remove any impediment to great game-viewing, offering a binocular rental service to clients for their safaris.

We are very particular about the calibre of goods we send through to our clients - and this extends to our bino rentals. Once these binoculars have too many nicks and scratches for our liking and where they are still fully-functional, they join the realms of the retired rentals. Combined with our abiding desire to make a meaningful contribution to conservation around Africa, the availability of these surplus binoculars served as a catalyst for the Retired Rentals Project.

In donating items to conservation organisations, we liaise closely with the men and women on the ground to find out what they actually need to perform their duties. For troops doing anti-poaching patrols, high-performance optics are an invaluable tool in protecting wildlife. They enable these brave individuals to search the terrain for anything out of sorts - often providing advance warning of potential threats and danger - as well as the ability to monitor wildlife from a safe distance.

In supporting The Safari Store’s YOUbuy, WEgive initiative, you help to make conservation projects like the Retired Rentals Project possible - making a difference to conservation and wildlife in Africa.

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The Lunga Camp team with their donated retired rentals

Lunga Camp From rentals to anti-poaching fundamentals. Tasked with protecting wildlife, the anti-poaching scouts at Lunga Camp in Zambia were given retired rental binoculars to assist in their patrols.

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