Go To Give Back

Go To Give Back

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If you want to make a positive contribution to African communities, conservation, wildlife, and wilderness - go to give back.

If you have subscribed to our email newsletter, you may have noticed that we have dedicated a valuable part of each newsletter to share a story about a place we have travelled to. The idea behind this is simple - and so we thought it worthwhile to connect the dots.

We have run our own 'giving' campaigns over the years, which included the successful APU Boots project among others. In thinking about the future, however, we realised that the most sustainable and effective way to support conservation and local communities is simply to do one thing: to go.

By visiting wildlife areas, you are doing a tremendous amount to support rural employment. We know of lodges that host only 18 guests, but which employ over 60 staff. Very few sectors of the economy have such a high guest-to-staff ratio as the hospitality sector.

The happier the people are in an area - and the better they are able to support themselves through employment at lodges and camps - the better protected the wildlife in that area will be. There are also myriad companies that focus on supplying lodges with food, clean water, buildings, cars and trucks - and servicing of the latter - transfer companies, air transfer companies, airlines. The list is just about endless - and this further spreads the impact of tourism through a larger area. Think of the Okavango Delta and how Maun has grown to support the tourism businesses operating in that sector.

How travel supports African wildlife conservation by The Safari Store

Added to this is the fact that many lodges and camps actively protect their unique selling point: the wildlife and environment in which they operate - and so there is a positive knock-on effect for conservation too. What is more - it is sustainable. We all love to travel and explore and so you also directly benefit from every dollar, euro, or pound you spend while travelling. It is as simple as going on holiday. Of course, if you are generous with your spend while on holiday and tip for good service - and buy local while on holiday - this further extends the reach of the impact.

So our message is simple: Go to Give Back. We will do our little bit to share our stories of wild places we have discovered in the hope that it inspires you to travel to them. We also have the clothing and gear which should enhance the enjoyment of your adventures.

Travel Africa to support wildlife conservation and communities

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Go on safari to support conservation and communities

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