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What To Know Before You Go To Gonarezhou National Park

Off the main tourist route, get top tips for visiting Gonarezhou National Park

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Gonarezhou National Park is the second largest national park in Zimbabwe, but also one of the quietest from a tourism perspective. The main attraction are the towering Chilojo Cliffs in the northern part of the park, but the remoteness and biodiversity of the park makes for private exploration of these exquisite Southern African landscapes in the Runde River valley and beyond.

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Plan A Safari To Zimbabwe: Gonarezhou National Park

Gonarezhou is the "place of many elephants" - a transfrontier park that extends this protected wilderness across Kruger National Park in South Africa, Limpopo National Park in Mozambique, and Gonarezhou in Zimbabwe. In the hands of Frankfurt Zoological Society, conservation efforts have intensified and the park is well-managed with friendly staff. With limited lodge and tented camp accommodation in the area and camping options available, plan your trip with our quick tips.

We are here to help with answers to Gonarezhou FAQs and quick travel tips.

FAQs Answered: Gonarezhou National Park

  • Where is Gonarezhou National Park: Gonarezhou National Park is in Masvingo province in south-eastern Zimbabwe. This transfrontier national park extends into Limpopo National Park in Mozambique and Kruger National Park in South Africa.

  • What is the importance of Gonarezhou National Park?: As a transfrontier park, Gonarezhou is a precious conservation area of incredible biodiversity - home to vulnerable, endangered, and critically endangered species. After decades of poaching and uncertainty, the regeneration of species is conservation at work with community - and every visit to the park supports this sustainable model of tourism.

  • What is the best time of year to visit Gonarezhou National Park?: The dry season between July and October is the best time to visit Gonarezhou. There tends to be higher concentrations of game in more localised spots the drier it gets - and the winter temperatures are a little milder. The rains make for some challenging - and sometimes impassable - sections of park, with some more remote camps closing from late November to March or early April. The whole park is closed from 10 January to 1 March every year.

  • Is there malaria in Gonarezhou?: Gonarezhou National Park falls within a malaria zone. This makes it important to take malaria precautions all year round. This includes prophylactic medications, adequate insect repellent to apply and re-apply regularly, and covering up in lightweight anti-insect clothing - especially in the evening.

  • What is the weather like in Gonarezhou National Park?: April to October is the dry season in Gonarezhou National Park, with little chance of rain and moderate winter temperatures from May to August. It can get particularly chilly on morning and evening drives. The rains take place between November and March, with high daytime temperatures and a high chance of storms.

  • How do I get to Gonarezhou National Park?: Some lodges have airstrips for private charter planes, but flights will usually be to Buffalo Range International Airport in Chiredzi, Harare International Airport, or Victoria Falls followed by a road transfer. Speak to your tour operator about the options. If you are self-driving, there are many road routes available from Harare, Bulawayo, through Mozambique, or into Zimbabwe through Pafuri border in Kruger National Park. 4x4 is recommended and be aware that some routes may include river crossings.

  • How do I book for Gonarezhou? Bookings can be made directly through the friendly team at the reservations office. Alternatively, bookings can be made through Gonarezhou's partners and tour operators.

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Quick Travel Tips For Gonarezhou National Park

  • Gonarezhou National Park accommodation: The camps in and around Gonarezhou are extremely limited, but offer special exclusivity for guests looking for a luxury safari in Zimbabwe. Chilo Gorge, Singita Pamushana, and Singita Malilangwe House are on the outskirts of Gonarezhou. Gonarezhou Bush Camps provides exclusive access to selected camps within the park, with a limited number of mobile and walking safari operators affiliated with the park. The park itself also provides self-catering accommodation options, as well as a range of camping options and locations for self-drivers.

  • Do you need a 4x4 to self drive in Gonarezhou? : The recommendation is that you only need a vehicle with high clearance. If you have the option of a 4x4, we would recommend it for peace of mind and accessibility in the park.

  • Gonarezhou National Park camping: There are different camping options available in the park: exclusive, wilderness, transit campsites, and starbed platforms - as well as the more developed camps with ablution blocks and camp attendants. The former unfenced camps offer little in terms of facilities, but are beautifully secluded and wild.

  • Be wildlife aware: Be aware at open camps and picnic spots. Keep an eye out for wildlife and give them space. When driving with elephants, avoid getting too close and plot your exit route. Don't get out of your car or do anything to attract their attention. If you're on foot, don't run. Most importantly, stay calm, sit back and enjoy the sighting.

  • Gonarezhou National Park activities: Experience Gonarezhou in as many ways as possible. Game drives, picnics and sundowners, fishing, and walking safaris are all available in the park and through operators.

  • Go beyond Chilojo: The Chilojo Cliffs are iconic and an unmissable landmark in Gonarezhou National Park. This northern area of the park tends to have more tourists (although the park could hardly be called 'busy' relative to some other safari destinations). This makes venturing into other areas of the park rewarding to experience the area's remoteness and diversity.

  • Gonarezhou wildlife: A history of poaching in the park meant low wildlife numbers in the past. However, these numbers have rebounded through the park's conservation efforts. The park is home to diverse species, which roam over a giant wilderness area. 'The Place of the Elephants', the park has a high elephant population, with myriad opportunities to watch these magnificent animals in this uniquely scenic setting.

  • Self-sufficient self-driving: If you are self-driving and camping in the park, make sure you are completely self-sufficient for remote camping. If you have any questions about what facilities are available at the camps, get in touch with the helpful staff at the park who will assist you.

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Safari Destination Inspiration: Gonarezhou National Park
Explore Gonarezhou with us as we marvel at the buttresses of Chilojo Cliffs from every angle, weave between the baobabs, and camp in this wonderful, wild, and remote park in Zimbabwe. Read our Gonarezhou National Park safari story.

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