Say no to plastic

Extensively used and slow to degrade, the global accumulation of plastic is alarming. We all need to adjust our attitudes to this product which is harmful to humans, the environment, and wildlife. We are working hard to eliminate plastic from all of our packaging. Our whole team have gone green and so can you.

How are we saying no to plastic?

Eliminating plastic from our lives is not an easy task, but every little bit helps. Our team at The Safari Store are making very real inroads into becoming a plastic-free business. Although this may sometimes cost us more, it costs the environment less. This is how our team is reducing its plastic impact:

CLOTHING: All Rufiji™ and Mara&Meru™ clothing now comes in brown paper bags instead of plastic.

LUGGAGE: All luggage from our Rufiji™ and Mara&Meru™ ranges are no longer packaged in plastic. Instead, they now come in strong canvas drawstring bags you can use as a laundry or stand-alone bag for many years into the future.

SHOES: Our Rufiji™ and Mara&Meru™ shoes will soon be packaged in canvas drawstring bags that can be re-used.

SHIPPING: We are now using bio-degradable paper tape and boxes.

OFFICE: As an online company, we are able to minimise printing, which means we rarely replace ink cartridges.

RECYCLING: Our whole team are recycling in the office and at home.

A leather and canvas outdoor safari bag with plastic free packaging on a mountain against an overcast sky
A canvas drawstring bag with fresh vegetables as an example of how you can avoid plastic packaging
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