Behind the brand: Rufiji™

Behind the brand: Rufiji™

Rufiji™ safari gear merges outdoor technology, a touch of high street design, and the best in technical high-end fabrics

The Rufiji™ brand (pronounced roo-fee-djee) of safari clothing, luggage, and accessories was one of the first-born trademarks of The Safari Store. Made for safari, Rufiji™ is rich in quality and packed with features – serving travellers and lovers of the outdoors for over ten years. We chatted to founder of The Safari Store, Steve Adams, about what inspired Rufiji™ and more about the name.

Tell us more about the Rufiji name.
Steve: The Rufiji is a river in Tanzania, East Africa. It flows east from a vast catchment area, through the rapids of Stiegler's Gorge and then is the lifeblood of the Selous Game Reserve and myriad oxbow lakes. The eddies are full of hippos and crocodiles fish in the rapids. As if that wasn’t enough, it then creates a large delta where it meets the Indian Ocean - and, if you were to drift with the current as it pushed out to sea, you would land on the beaches of Mafia Island. Suffice to say, the Rufiji is one of Africa’s truly classic rivers. Ever since visiting the Selous, I have always wanted to do an expedition on the Rufiji.

Why did you choose this name for your safari clothing, luggage, and accessories?
Steve: I love the adventurous spirit of the river, the quintessential role it plays in the world of African wildlife and safari. By choosing the Rufiji as the name for our core clothing and luggage range, I knew that we would be inspired to create, test, and make only the best products for our adventure-seeking, safari-loving clients; products as central to safari as the Rufiji is to East African wildlife experiences.

A selection of Rufiji clothing and branded luxury safari gear

Any interesting facts or stories about the origin of the name?
Steve: Well, the other thing I really enjoyed at the time about the name was that it included the word “Fiji”. This - perhaps subconsciously - also adds to the romanticism of the name, the dream of far-flung lands inside and outside of Africa, and the reality that the Rufiji™ brand is ideal for warm-weather adventures just about anywhere on earth.

What makes Rufiji™ safari apparel special?
Steve: The Rufiji™ brand of clothing merges outdoor technology, a touch of high street design, and the best in technical high-end fabrics. This ensures that the wearer always stays as cool and protected from the sun and deters insects as much as possible. Rufiji™ items do not rely on marketing or hype to succeed. It's performance is borne out of months of real-world expedition testing. While all the features are listed on each product page, we also sought to use a direct-to-client model so that our clients get seriously good value for the best in outdoor clothing and gear. The Rufiji™ range represents extremely good value for money.

Another thing that sets Rufiji™ apart from other outdoor and travel brands is that it is made for safari. The Rufiji™ technologies and designs were conceived with one primary outcome in mind: to give people the best possible experience of Africa by ensuring they have the right gear. As one of the few made-for-purpose brands of safari clothing and luggage, these specialist features translate well across adventure travels too, making it a great range for anyone who loves travel and the outdoors.

For those who are unfamiliar with Rufiji™, what can one expect from the range?
• Technical fabrics
• Anti-insect technologies
• Practicality
• Safari-grade canvas and leather
• Spacious, soft, strong, and squashable duffels
• A complete bag collection including classic satchels and washbags
• Quality & durability
• Modern cut and styling for men and women

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A selection of Rufiji clothing and branded luxury safari gear

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