Quick Travel Tips: Sani Pass and Lesotho

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Quick Travel Advice for Sani Pass and The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho

Quick Travel Tips For The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and Sani Pass

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The Lesotho border at Sani Pass - Lesotho travel advice from The Safari Store

Lesotho is a little-known country that is an island within South Africa. Known as the Mountain Kingdom, it is the highest country in the world. Lesotho has 11 road borders, one international airport (Moshoeshoe I International Airport), with 33 airports in total. It is a country of scenic mountain and valley landscapes - and it is well worth visiting for the range of activities it offers and the sheer beauty of its scenery. For many visitors to the Drakensberg mountains in South Africa, this is an easy trip up famous Sani Pass - a well-trodden tourist route for South African and international guests, with an adventurous commute between countries and exquisite Drakensberg views along the way.

In this story, we give quick travel tips and insights on Lesotho by answering frequently asked questions about the country and Sani Pass, destination inspiration, as well as links through to detailed Lesotho packing advice and a handy shopping guide, so you can fill your suitcase with the best adventure and travel clothing for your trip.

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Advice For Travellers: Lesotho and Sani Pass

  • Is Lesotho Worth Visiting? For intrepid travellers, there is plenty on offer in Lesotho. The scenery alone is something special - a range of African mountains, Basotho people in their signature blankets, courageous, sure-footed ponies, and exquisite villages and huts in a place that is special in its remoteness. In general, there is plenty to see and experience. Maletsunyane Falls is an extraordinary sight - a single-drop waterfall that spans 192 metres. With waterfalls comes adventure. Abseiling is one of the activities on offer around this sight. Sani Pass is a 4x4 route between Lesotho and South Africa and provides some unique views of the Drakensberg mountain range - and the highest pub in Africa a worthwhile stopping point. Horseriding, walking, and Basotho village tours are popular activities in the Lesotho highlands. The country is also part of the Maloti-Drakensberg Transfrontier Park and there are many natural and historical wonders to take in, such as Thaba Bosiu, rock paintings, and dinosaur print fossils. For snow sport and mountain biking fanatics, AfriSki is an almost unexpected and impressive sport resort in Lesotho.

  • What Is The Best Time of Year To Visit Lesotho? Lesotho experiences hot summers and cold winters, with the elevations giving it a temperate, alpine climate. The best time to visit depends on you, but Lesotho is a popular destination between August and September. Winter occurs between May and August and travellers can expect sometimes very cold conditions and occasional snowfall. The summer months are hot, with often heavy rainfall that can make travelling dirt tracks quite treacherous at times. Weather conditions can change very quickly during the day.

  • Do You Need a 4x4 To Go Up Sani Pass? If you are planning to arrive in Lesotho through the famous Sani Pass, you need a 4x4 vehicle. With rocky gravel roads, snaking twists and turns, and sheer cliffs, you need to be confident driving a 4x4 if you plan to make the trip independently. Fog and icy conditions can add to the driving challenge and it is worth noting that the pass may be closed if conditions are too treacherous. Alternatively, there are many Sani Pass tours which can be arranged in South Africa. In fact, this is something we would recommend, as it means less anxiety around driving - and you can have a drink with lunch at the Highest Pub In Africa without a worry. There are many operators in the Himeville area who are well-versed in the turns of the pass and who can enrich your trip with local knowledge. If you are renting a 4x4 in South Africa and would like to travel into Lesotho, it is worth checking whether there are any exclusions or limitations on insurance based on your travel plans.

  • How Long Does It Take To Drive Up The Sani Pass? It takes around three to four hours to complete a drive up Sani Pass in good and clear conditions. The pass spans 9 kilometres and more than 1300 metres of elevation

  • Can You Go Up Sani Pass Without A Passport? Sani Pass is in the no-man's-land between South Africa and Lesotho. To travel between the countries, you need to be in possession of a valid passport and we suggest looking into visa requirements before travelling. It is also good to note that, if you travel into Lesotho from South Africa, your South African visa keeps running during your time in Lesotho.
What To Pack for Sani Pass and Lesotho

What To Wear In African Mountains:
Lesotho is a land with quickly changing conditions and sometimes alpine-like features. The key is to mix warm-weather clothing and sun protection accessories with warm layers and windproof accessories to prepare for all conditions. Read our Lesotho and Sani Pass packing advice and shop the products.

Travel advice for Sani Pass and Lesotho - 4x4 vehicles

Destination Inspiration: Lesotho and Sani Pass:
Read about our trip from South Africa, up Sani Pass, and into Lesotho in 'Hopes Up High In Lesotho'.

The Highest Pub In Africa at Sani Mountain Lodge, Sani Pass in Lesotho

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Lesotho Quick Travel Tips | Hopes Up High In The Mountain Kingdom: Destination Inspiration from Sani Pass and Lesotho | What To Pack For South Africa and Lesotho |

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