What To Pack For Sani Pass and Lesotho

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Prepare for your travels up Sani Pass to the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho with the best travel clothing, gear, and accessories

What To Put In Your Suitcase For A Trip Up Sani Pass to The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho

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What To Pack For Lesotho: Visiting The Mountain Kingdom Through The Drakensberg Mountain Range

If you are travelling to the Drakensberg mountain range, a visit to Lesotho is a scenic addition to your travel plans. Arguably one of the best ways to get there is to go up Sani Pass - a 4x4 road that takes you up into the Mountain Kingdom with gorgeous Drakensberg mountain views along the way. In this story, get advice on what to pack for this African mountain destination, with links through to quick travel advice on Lesotho and Sani Pass, as well as destination inspiration from our Lesotho story.

What to wear in Sani Pass and Lesotho by The Safari Store

High Altitudes Mean A High Chance You Will Break Out a Warm Layer.
The Lesotho climate gets quite cold in winter, with hot, wet summers. The key to packing sensibly for Lesotho is to pack for quickly-changing conditions. Most noteworthy for us was the high winds and the particularly chilly nighttime conditions. This means a warm layer is essential all year round. The Ultimate Safari Hoodie, Thusk knitwear, and the windproof and sun protective Head&Neck Scarf were our warm layer staples for our mountain adventures.

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Packing Advice For Sani Pass and Lesotho

  • Dress In Layers For Changing Conditions: The high altitude in Lesotho equates to relatively moderate temperatures. You can expect hot summers and dry winters, with quickly changing conditions. At whatever time of year you choose to travel, it is prudent to dress in layers. A warm layer is essential all year round and should be mixed and matched with lightweight long-sleeved shirts and zip-off trousers or shorts. Prepare for rain and fog by packing a foldable, compact waterproof jacket and compact waterproof over trousers.

  • Sun Protection To Beat The Burn: It almost feels like you're closer to the sun in the mountains - and the potential for bad sunburn in even overcast conditions could almost support this thinking. While the temperatures may be a little more moderate than parts of neighbouring South Africa, don't underestimate the potential for sun damage and painful burns. Wearing lightweight sun protective clothing is the perfect way to cover up in technical fabrics designed not to let you overheat. This is especially useful if you plan to be active, walking some of the mountain trails or go horse riding with the Basotho. Get all-round protection by adding a sun hat and an effective sunscreen.

  • Prevent Bug Bites and Stings: It is always best to travel with clothing and accessories for insect protection. This helps to prevent the irritation of mosquitoes and insects and the discomfort of bites. This is an especially good idea if you are travelling in the wet season. Covering up in anti-insect clothing and wearing Australian-made bug spray like Bushman Insect Repellent or a natural bug spray like Mosi-guard Extra Spray are some of the top ways to stay bite-free as you travel.

  • The Wise Accessorise: A few key accessories can make a big difference to your days when travelling. Our Vintage Print Tubular Head&Neck Scarf is amazingly versatile, windproof, and sun protective - with eight ways to wear it that make it perfect for African mountain locations. Chilly conditions make knitwear accessories like scarves and beanies. Blister-proof socks are made for walking mountain trails. And, of course, binoculars are a must for bird-watching (especially if you are on the lookout for the exquisite and rare bearded vulture).

  • Grippy Trail Shoes: If you are planning to walk the mountain trails, pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes or boots and reliable, blister-free walking socks. Trails may vary from clear and easy to rocky and technical, so packing shoes with grippy soles are also recommended to ensure you are best-prepared for even short walks in the mountains. I walked down the pass itself, which gave new meaning to the idea of rock and roll (there were patches of loose rocks and stones and it was quite slippery at times), but was one of my favourite mountain walks ever.

  • The Benefits of Technical Clothing and the Comfort of Wardrobe Favourites: Clothing in technical fabrics are our top recommendation for benefits like sun protection, insect defence, moisture wicking, and quick drying - all in a fabric that's lightweight and soft for warm-weather conditions. We suggest mixing and matching these with essential comfortable travel clothing favourites like leggings for women or easy-wearing cargo pants. Our men's Savute clothing and women's Serengeti clothing are designed to be super comfy and include shorts, T-shirts, trousers and joggers, and tights and skorts.

  • Luggage and Bags: You'll need something to pack these travel essentials into. If you are combining a visit to the Drakensberg mountain range and Lesotho with a safari, a soft and squashable duffel bag is the best bag for African travels - and will be crucial if your itinerary involves a transfer by light aircraft. Our luggage range combines safari-grade canvas and leather - and includes shoulder bags, backpacks, and toiletry bags in clever designs.

Sani Pass and Lesotho Shopping Guide

Fill your suitcase with travel-ready clothing for your adventures. From technical clothing that's made for Africa and the outdoors to clever luggage and essential accessories, shop for the Lesotho essentials at The Safari Store.

Jackets, Fleeces, and Hoodies
Temperatures can plunge in the mountain with little warning. Layer up and always include a warm jacket, fleece, or hoodie to beat the chill. A compact, packable waterproof layer is a good addition to any day pack for unexpected showers - especially during outdoor activities.
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Technical Shirts and Comfy Tees
Mix and match lightweight technical shirts for outdoor benefits with T-shirts for comfort, protection, and stylish layered dressing.
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Convertible Trousers, Shorts, Joggers, Leggings, and Cargo Pants
Adaptable convertible trousers in technical fabrics are versatile, with plenty of benefits for outdoor excursions. Pack these together with shorts, cargoes, joggers, leggings, and skorts for options to choose from on every leg of your travels.
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Wide-Brimmed Sun Hats
The sun in the mountains can be unforgiving. Include a wide-brimmed sun hat among your sun protection precautions.
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Sun Protection
Even in overcast conditions, sun protection is essential for travels up Sani Pass and around Lesotho. The best way to prevent sunburn is to cover up. Our BUGTech™ and SAFARITech clothing is made from lightweight technical fabrics with built-in UPF50+ in versatile designs for even hot conditions. Regularly apply an effective sunscreen as part of your sun protection strategy - even in overcast conditions. Protect your face and neck with a wide-brimmed hat.
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Insect Repellent
Avoiding bug bites is easily done with the right insect repellent. Our range of insect repellents are the only brands we trust, with comfortable wearer characteristics and long-lasting efficacy. Choose between the best DEET bug spray and natural insect repellent brands that we have safari-tested in Africa. Covering up is also a great way to prevent getting bitten and our BUGTech™ anti-insect clothing has built-in insect defence to reduce the risk of bites and stings.
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Beanies and Scarves
A beany or scarf can be a godsend when the weather turns chilly or when the wind picks up on Sani Pass or in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. Our Thusk™ knitwear has been hand-crafted in wool by African grandmothers as part of a community project and are a snug accessory to tuck into your luggage. The Mara&Meru™ Head and Neck Tubular Scarf is made from nanoweave fabric with sun protective and windproof features and eight ways to wear it - a top mountain accessory for African travellers.
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Walking Shoes
Whether you are contemplating a short mountain walk or a multi-day adventure, pack a pair of reliable, comfortable walking shoes that are a match for the terrain.
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Luggage and Bags
Pack all the essentials into one of our luxurious duffel bags or safari style day trips and excursions with a shoulder bag or backpack in timelessly elegant designs.
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High-Quality Binoculars
Expansive mountain views and extraordinary birds make high-quality optics an essential. We used our binos throughout the trip - to identify and take in the detail of bearded vultures and to view antelope and birds.
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