The Big 5 Safari Essentials To Pack For Your Next Safari

The Big 5 Safari Essentials To Pack For Your Next Safari

Don't leave home without these 5 essential safari items

By asking ourselves the question - 'what are the five most important items to pack for a safari?' - we had to think long and hard about all the safaris we have been on. We started with a list longer than just these five items but, by debating and discussing past safari experiences - and the conditions on those safaris - we eventually arrived at the list below. It wasn't easy, but we think it was worth the effort. Please find the Big 5 list of the safari essentials which you should always take on safari in the story below.

We have provided links to our dedicated advice page for each item, where we go into much more detail. If you do not need more convincing, simply click on the shopping links to buy them for your next safari. By packing these items, you leave for your next safari knowing that you have the essential bases covered and you will be prepared for the core safari experience. This list is in no particular order, so please always pack all five items. There are, of course, more items which you should take on each and every safari - and we have had to leave off a number of essential items in making this list. To find out which other items you should pack for your next safari in addition to these Big 5 safari essentials, please see our safari packing list and our safari packing advice. Our story '5 Things NOT To Pack For Your Safari' is worth reading too.

High-Quality Safari Binoculars: We love to see people going on safari, simply as we believe it is one of the best things to do on planet Earth. When we notice that some folk have travelled without binoculars - or have travelled with cheap binoculars - we do give a gentle shake of the head. You really must take binoculars on safari: not 'should', 'must'. Read our article 'Safari Binoculars' to find out more about why you should never leave for any safari without high-quality binoculars and also get more information on binocular selection, setting up your binoculars, and understanding what all the names and numbers mean.

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A True Safari Shirt: The design, fabric, and features of the best in modern safari shirts is the culmination of centuries of exploration in Africa. Read our comprehensive safari shirt guide to find out more about what makes the best safari shirts, as well as the best features and fabrics to look for in shirts for your next safari.

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Wide-Brimmed Safari Hat: Wearing a baseball cap on safari may seem to be the convenient - or cool - thing to do, but it isn't the sensible thing to do. Combine the amount of time you will spend in the sun on safari with the timeless design of of the best wide-brimmed safari hats - and taking a wide-brimmed hat on safari quickly starts to make sense. Take a look at our safari hat guide for the best safari hat advice.

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The Best Insect Repellent: We go on safari many times a year and sometimes we get the quantity of insect repellent wrong and we run out. The simple truth we have discovered is that not all insect repellents are made equal - and not all of them work. Without fail, we have found one simple rule: the insect repellent we sell is the best. It is the best as we have closely examined the lab test results, tested the brands we sell extensively on safari before we decided to stock each brand, and we continue - endlessly - to re-test it in the field. We also keep our eye out for any new products which we think need to checked out too. Why do we stock only the best - and items which we have tested, tried, and are confident in? Well, we are human too and we have to wear it and do not like to be bitten. Find out more about the best insect repellents in our insect repellent advice guide.

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Ever-Adaptable Zip-off Safari Trousers: Zippity doo dah, zippity A - my oh my but zip-off safari trousers make so much sense. Shorts when hot, trousers when cool - or when you have ignored our sunscreen advice and your legs start to burn. We have also worked hard on the styling, so they look great and are packed with features too. Read our safari trousers advice. We rely on ours for every safari we go on. Our founder, Steve, wears the shorts section of his Explorer Zip-Off Trousers day in and day out.

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