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Summer happens each year - of that at least we can be certain. No matterwhere you live or what you love to do, our clothing & gear will ensure that your wardrobe always offers outdoor performance and is styled for your lifestyle too. From fell walking, to farming; at-home-meetings to multi-day adventures; staying-in or soaking in the sun: our expedition, comfort, & style-tested range is made for you. We’ve got your back - and your head, shoulders, torso, legs, & feet too.

Man in summer safari clothing at hampton court palace.

- HEAD -

Hot days? Cold mornings? No problem

Our Hat & Beanie offer has you - and your head - covered

Buy this hat & beanie together and save:

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Man wearing hand knitted beanie.

Man wearing leather safari hat

- EYES -

Bring the world a little closer this summer

High quality optics to shade your eyes from summer skies, and to explore and delight in the details of our planet

Buy these binoculars & sunglasses together and save:

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Man in white shirt with Bolle Clint sunglasses.

Man using Vortex Diamondback 10 x 42 binoculars.


For walks, work, weekends, & everything in between

These two bags are your ideal companions for every eventuality, every wistful summer whim. They are your adventure buddies.

Buy the canvas satchel & canvas holdall together and save:

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Large soft-sided canvas safari duffle bag for safaris

Canvas satchel with vintage styling in Tan colour and with leather trim


The answer is 'no.' The question is:

'Are there two other products which together pack in so many features, style, & performance?'

Buy the ultimate anti-insect shirt & jacket combination together and save:

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Safari jacket for men: anti-insect & fleece lined

Safari shirt for men with built-in anti-insect finish & sun protection

- LEGS -

'Please tell all our clients that I wear these'

'Hi everyone, our founder, Steve, wants us to tell you that he wears either these trousers or shorts everyday'. Yep, not kidding: everyday. If he is not wearing either the trousers or the shorts then he is sleeping - but even then apparently he is sometimes still wearing them.

Buy the Savute shorts & trousers together and save:

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Safari Shorts for Men with stretch in Savute range

Safari Trousers for Men with stretch in Savute range


Anyone know why they call them 'gaiters'?

Maybe as they are as tough as an alligator? This combination of products will do a great job of protecting your ankles & feet.

Buy these gaiters & socks together and save:

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Safari socks for Men by 1000Mile: blister-free

Safari Gaitors for ankle & sock protection

- FEET -

Them boots - and your feet - are made for walking

And for trips down to the pub, to work, around the house, on the desk. These two styles of shoes are all you need for, well, everything you need shoes for.

Buy these boots & shoes together and save:

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Safari shoes which are casual, yet tough. Made from Suede leather

Safari boots for men made from leather, in brown. High ankle.


The man-sized wallet for the man-sized man

The belt is just the normal belt size. Shop this classic belt & wallet combo. Both are handmade in Africa.. We love them and think you will too.

Buy this belt & wallet together and save:

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Leather belt handmade in South Africa

Travel wallet made by Sandstorm in Kenya. Canvas.


Absolutely nothing humbles a man more than:

Insect bites & a bad sunburn. This combination of products offers full body - and ego - protection from the sun & biting insects.

Buy one bottle of Bushman & one bottle of Ultrasun together and save:

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Sunscreen: Ultrsun SPF 30 Sport

Insect repellent: Bushman Ultra Insect Repellent Spray, 90ml

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