Quick Travel Tips: Etosha National Park

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Quick Safari Travel Advice For a Namibia Safari To Etosha National Park

Quick Travel Advice for a Namibia Safari To Etosha National Park

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When it comes to big name safaris, Etosha National Park is one of Southern Africa's shining stars, attracting around 250 000 visitors every year. It is also said to be Namibia's most-visited tourist destination. Etosha is a well-established addition to self-drive itineraries, but the variety of accommodation options (both inside and outside the park gates) caters equally to campers or luxury safari-goers.

In this story, we answer some frequently asked questions about this Namibian safari destination. We also link you through to our comprehensive Etosha safari packing advice and shopping guide, as well as our destination inspiration story. Whet your appetite for your Namibia safari and get packing advice from the pros.

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Advice For Travellers: Etosha National Park

  • What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Etosha National Park?: The best time of year for game viewing is during the dry season - between May and October. Over these months you can expect more moderate temperatures and the dry conditions cause game to concentrate around waterholes for excellent game viewing. The dryness of the pan also creates the opportunity to capture exquisite, iconic Etosha photographs. As the park's most popular time, it is wise to book in advance if you plan to visit during this time of year. The summer months hold a different appeal. This is the rainy season, with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees Celcius. The vegetation holds all the splendour of a green season safari, with full pans and waterholes attracting many wonderful species of water birds.

  • How Many Days Do You Need in Etosha?: We would recommend at least 5 days for a safari to Etosha National Park. The answer to this depends on the pace of your safari and how much of Namibia you plan to see in a trip, but we would suggest making time to explore the different landscapes of the park. For many, Etosha Pan is the main attraction, but the whole park holds plenty to discover. Mix up the area around Namutoni and the pan with the expansive areas around Okaukuejo, the mopane woodland sections near Halali, and the almost desolate beauty of the rocky koppies near Dolomite Camp.

  • Can You See The Big 5 In Etosha?: If you are ticking off high-profile African wildlife species, Etosha National Park is home to four of the Big 5: lion, black rhino, leopard, and Etosha's famous white elephants (coloured by the earth). Etosha is well-known for black rhino sightings and it is not uncommon to spot lions - especially at waterholes that are busy with plains game. Why are there no buffalo in Etosha? Cape buffalo became extinct in the park, with the last observation taking place in the 1950s. Beyond the Big Five, Etosha boasts wonderful populations of zebra, wildebeest, springbok, and other mammals and birds to observe against the backdrop of this unique landscape.

  • What Should I Wear To Etosha National Park?: Etosha has a savanna desert climate, which means you should expect hot conditions all year round. The winter months are dry and most of the park's rainfall happens during the hot summer months. During winter, temperatures can reach 30 degrees Celcius/86 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and plunge to around 10 degrees Celcius/50 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Lightweight and technical sun protective safari clothing is recommended for comfort and protection during the day, but a warm layer is essential. Sun protection accessories including a wide-brimmed sun hat and sunscreen are also important packing accessories. Get detailed safari packing advice for Etosha and shop the shopping guide for the best made-for-purpose safari clothes, safari shoes, safari bags and satchels, and essential binoculars and accessories.

  • Is There Malaria In Etosha National Park?: While the prevalence of malaria in Etosha seems to be the subject of some debate, it appears that Etosha National Park has a low risk of malaria during the winter months. However, it is advisable to take prophylactic treatments if you are travelling during the wet summer months. That said, we recommend using a reliable insect repellent and wearing anti-insect safari clothing during all months of travel for peace of mind and to remain bite-free on your holiday. Please consult with your doctor about the best course of action around malaria before travelling.
Namibia Safari Travel Tips - What To Wear On Safari To Etosha

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Etosha National Park Safari Travel Advice

Destination Inspiration: Etosha National Park:
Read about our trip to Etosha National Park. We take you from our base at Onguma outside the fortress gate of Namutoni to the fairytale tower at Okaukuejo, past Dolomite Camp, and out Galton Gate into the neighbouring wildlife area of Hobatere.

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