What To Pack For a Namibia Safari: Damaraland

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The Best Gear For The Best Experiences. Find Out What To Pack For a Safari To Damaraland

Prepare For Desert Namibia and Damaraland With Expert Safari Packing Tips

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What To Pack For A Namibia Safari To Damaraland by The Safari Store

What To Pack For A Desert Namibia and Damaraland Safari

Dark rock and red dunes - the desolate landscape of Damaraland is arguably some of the most beautiful in the world. Visitors from around the world are attracted to its stretching expanses of wild, largely uninhabited space; exquisite rock formations; ancient rock art and petroglyphs; and the chance of seeing desert-adapted African wildlife in such a setting.

When you're there, it's easy to believe the rest of the world has disappeared. Land beyond these places seems incomprehensible. It's beautiful, but the remoteness of many parts of the area, as well as the semi-desert climate, means it can be quite a hostile environment at times. Whether you are self-driving and camping or heading to exclusive luxury camps, preparation for your trip will make a difference to your experiences. If you are planning a desert Namibia trip with a visit to Damaraland, use our helpful safari packing advice to prepare.

What To Wear On Safari in Damaraland, Namibia by The Safari Store

Dressing For Desert-Like Conditions In Damaraland
The semi-desert climate in Damaraland makes sun protective safari clothing and accessories a top essential in this - and many parts of - Namibia. It's important to remember that temperatures can plunge significantly - especially at night - and dressing in layers to cover up (and to keep warm in the early hours and after dusk) will impact what you pack for your adventures.

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What To Pack For a Namibia Safari To Damaraland

  • Dress and Accessorise With Sun Protection In Mind: Sun protection in the desert is a top priority for comfort on your Damaraland adventures. Even in the winter months, make sure you pack enough sunscreen to apply and re-apply as needed. A wide-brimmed hat will be well-used on game drives, walks, and around camp. A hat that is fully-foldable is a great idea, so you can tuck it into your daypack or satchel to use as needed. Covering up in sun-protective safari clothing helps to protect skin from the sun. Wearing long-sleeved safari shirts and full-length trousers in ultra-lightweight technical fabrics with built-in UPF50+ fabric offers full coverage. Convertible trousers provide protection and the flexibility to convert trousers to shorts. Our BUGTech™ safari clothing has built-in UPF50+ sun protection, as well as insect defence for protection that matters in Southern Africa. For packing simplicity, BUGTech™ is also quick drying and offers quick crease release. This gives real meaning to packing light.

  • Always Pack a Warm Layer: The golden rule of dressing for safari (and the outdoors) is to wear layers. If you are thinking 'It's the desert. How cold can it get?', turn around and get a fleece. In the winter months, you can expect sub-zero temperatures during the night. Add wind to this and the chill factor can become intensely uncomfortable if you are not prepared. This makes a fleece or jacket a must for early morning and evening game drives. If you are planning a trip to Skeleton Coast National Park, for example, this wild coastline's winds can be biting. I bundled up in jackets and knitwear whenever we went to look at wrecks or whale bones. The Mara&Meru™ Vintage Print Head&Neck Scarf is another useful accessory that you can use for sun protection and windproofing - a top safari accessory! Depending on the time of year you are travelling, it is a good idea to pack a compact waterproof layer in a safari-suitable colour so you can stay dry in sudden downpours.

  • See More With Binoculars From Top Brands: Damaraland's vast distances are one of the hallmarks of the place that makes it so special. Perhaps the top packing essential is a pair of high-quality binoculars. Damaraland is home to incredible free-roaming desert adapted wildlife and special endemic bird species. If you have the good fortune to spot these creatures while driving, you are limited to the roads to watch them - and this can involve watching from a distance (driving on dunes marks them forever, so we implore you not to be that guy). Poor quality binoculars can be more frustrating than no binoculars at times, so invest in top brands for a lifetime of outdoor adventures - starting in Damaraland.

  • Pack Around an Insect Defence Strategy: The areas within Damaraland are largely low-risk malaria areas, but it is advisable to take precautions all year round (not only in the wet, rainy season). We have encountered mosquitoes, midges, and flies in sometimes the least likely places, which makes head-to-toe protection a good idea - especially at night. We trust Australian-made Bushman Insect Repellent and Mosi-guard Extra Natural Bug Spray for protection against a range of flying and biting insects. It is long-lasting, effective, and comfortable to wear. Pack more than you think you need rather than running out. Add to insect protection efforts in BUGTech™ Anti-Insect Safari Clothes.

  • Pack For Activities: Walking safaris and hikes are an extremely popular activity for visitors to Damaraland. If there is the opportunity to walk, don't miss out on this unforgettable experience. Lightweight, sun protective clothing in neutral, safari-friendly colours is made for comfort during warm weather activities. Our BUGTech™ range is made from feather-light technical fabric that wicks moisture and dries quickly to keep you cool and comfortable no matter your Damaraland plans. Don't let blisters or the wrong shoe choice get in the way of your adventures. For walking safaris and walking-based activities, invest in the best walking boots and anti-blister socks. Whether you are walking or out on a game drive looking for desert elephants, the sun protective and anti-insect features of this clothing will come in handy on every activity - and tick the box for safari-friendly colours and packability, of course! Mix and match technical clothing with safari-friendly clothing in super-comfy designs.

  • Go Feet First Into Your Damaraland Adventure With Safari Boots and Shoes: Always pack a pair of closed shoes. Toes are vulnerable things - especially in sandy conditions. Slip-on Chelsea boots are perfect for camp and camping conditions. Alternatively, laced leather veldskoens, like the Explorer Shoes or high-top Rufiji™ Veldskoen Desert Boots, are the original African adventure shoes that are comfortable for every leg of the journey. They're stylish enough to wear on the plane and at home, but are hardy and comfortable for scrambling around Damaraland's wild and arid spaces too. For the times in between, relax in a pair of simple and stylish sandals.

  • Always Take a Torch: If you are overlanding and camping, many remote camps have limited or no electricity. This makes a reliable torch essential for after-dark hours on safari. That said, a torch is a useful safari accessory for every visitor to Damaraland for safety after dark in unfenced and wild camps.

  • Pack The Essentials Into A Classic Safari Bag: If your safari plans involve transfer by small charter plane, strict luggage restrictions apply around the size and style of luggage allowed. Our durable, luxury safari duffel bags are the solution - and look the part too. Our range includes clever compound designs that simplify everything from air travel to your choice of satchel for day trips.

Damaraland Safari Packing Guide

Every item available from The Safari Store has been made for Africa and designed for every adventure. Extensively expedition- and safari-tested, our range of safari clothing, luggage, binoculars, and accessories offer the best selection of apparel for Namibia safari and Damaraland adventures.

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Wide-Brimmed Sun Hats
Is any safari wardrobe complete without a hat? The sun can be fierce in this part of the world. Protect your face and neck with a wide-brimmed sun hat.
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Safari Jacket and Fleece
Layering is the golden rule when dressing for safari. The semi-desert climate of Damaraland often has colder temperatures than most people would expect. Always pack a safari jacket or warm layer, which can be removed as the day heats up. If you are travelling in the wet summer months, don't forget to add a packable waterproof layer (although it's good practice to pack these all year round - especially if Namibia is one of a couple of destinations on your itinerary).
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Damaraland's expansive landscapes are part of its allure as a destination. Whether you're game-viewing, bird-watching, or simply taking in the detail of this incredible scenery, binoculars are the number one safari for this Namibian safari. Make sure you pack one pair per person and invest in top brands for the best viewing experience.
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Insect Repellent
Protection from insect bites should be high on every African traveller's priority list. Don't wait until you are in the middle of nowhere to find out that your insect repellent doesn't work. Invest in only the best bug spray brands and add an extra layer of defence by covering up in BUGTech™ anti-insect clothing.
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Closed Shoes And Boots
Closed shoes are a good idea for confidently exploring the often-sandy desert-like conditions of Damaraland. Whether you are planning a full walking safari or simply want to explore the sights, pick your footwear wisely. Pair shoes with anti-blister socks so you can wander the wonders of this amazing region.
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The Best Flashlights For Safari
A reliable torch is always a safari packing essential, but this is especially so in places like Damaraland with unfenced, remote camps and desert-adapted wildlife. From watching for nocturnal wildlife activity to keeping an eye out for creepy, crawly creatures on the path to your room at night, choose from our range of trusted favourites.
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Safari Luggage and Bags
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