What is the difference between MaraTech™ and BUGTech™?

The difference between MaraTech™ and BUGTech™ lies essentially in the anti-insect treatment. In fact, MaraTech™ forms the basis of BUGTech™. MaraTech™ and BUGTech™ have the following in common:
• Both are made from lightweight ripstop, although there may be slight variations in the shape and weave of the ripstop.
• Both fabrics offer SPF50+ or UPF50+ - the highest sun protection rating on the market.
• Both wick moisture to a high level, keeping you cool when it’s hot. What makes BUGTech™ special is that it has been carefully developed to ensure the wicking feature is unimpeded by the anti-insect treatment – something rarely seen with insect defence clothing on the market.
• Both have quick-dry properties and release wrinkles fast – perfect for travel.

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