Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a store or are you online only?

We are an online business as a normal store simply would not keep up with us. We pride ourselves on offering expert advice and the best possible products and service to you. Shopping with us online not only saves you time and money, but also you are able to rest assured that you are shopping from the leading experts in safari and travel products. Should you need any assistance while you shop please do not hesitate to contact us. Our telephone number is +44 207 193 4751 (US clients may prefer to call us on 1-231-930-2006. Our email address is

Are your products suitable for travel outside of Africa?

In a word, yes. Absolutely. And here is why. Our products have been made and tested for the rigours of travel to Africa. Not many environments on the planet are as hot or hostile as Africa. As a result, products made for Africa are the best possible products for any warm weather destination. We frequently have clients contacting us having successfully used our products in warm-weather adventure destinations including India and the sub-continent, South America, Australasia, Canada and the USA, Central America (including Mexico & Cuba), North Africa and the Middle East (we also have clients in places such as Dubai who use our products daily as they are the best for desert conditions too), Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, Indian Ocean (including Madagascar) and even on The Galapagos Islands. If you are travelling to destinations outside of Africa, please do let us know how your trip went and how our products faired. We would love to hear from you! Send us an email to - and please do send us pictures and a line or two about your trip. We may even include your trip in our SafariLife blog (with your permission of course).

I am going to Africa and need advice on what to pack. How may I receive your free Safari Packing list?

Visit our website. There is a green bar at the bottom of the page(footer) were it states "Packing List". Simply scroll over this with your mouse, type in your email address and click on "Send the List". An email will be sent to you instantly with the packing list attached. Should you require further expert advice, please do not hesitate to contact us on

How do I return an item for an exchange or a refund?

We have a super new returns page which not only includes our automated returns system, but also all information relating to our returns process, including terms and conditions. Simply go to

When are your lines open so I may call you?

While we are always open online, should you need to chat to us about anything or require expert advice, we are open Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm GMT. Our number from within the UK is 0207 193 4751 and from outside the UK +44 207 193 4751.

Please do contact us by sending us an email outside of these times and we will promptly reply to you.

As an International client, who incurs the cost of sending an Exchange back?

For goods sent as an exchange for returned goods, the cost is at your expense. We will contact you with a quote for the cost of delivery to you.

What is the Shelf life of RID Insect Repellent?

The shelf life of RID is 4 to 5 years. Rather come home with RID left over than run out while in Africa.

What does the Exclamation mark on a product size mean?

This means that unfortunately this product is out of stock. If you continue to click on the item, a Pop-Up will appear: "Our new stock arrives on (date) Please choose from the following options below: 1. Simply click on the Back Order button below and we will place only the out of stock items on back order for you. This will not delay the items which are in stock, nor the rest of your order for UK & EU clients, but it will delay the rest of your order for non-UK & EU clients. 2. Select an alternate size and/or colour for this same product. 3. Select an alternate product which is in stock from the list below: (List of items will appear) 4. Leave the out of stock items off your order for now but request a reminder to be sent to you when it is in stock. Simply click on the button below. or Return to Product"

SafariElite vs SafariLife?

Our new SafariLife range is based on our bestselling Rufiji MaraTech SafariElite shirts, but in a high street friendly colour to suit just about any activity. You are now able to reap the benefits of wearing our superb BUGTech, insect repellent fabric when you travel to your safari, for walks in the country, to wear to work, for Sunday lunch at the pub and for other non-safari activities including photography, fishing, hiking...the list is endless. Add to this our new SilverPlus finish and your shirt will smell fresh for longer without further washing, which is ideal for travelling and fishing. Our new Powder Blue colour is very much in fashion too! Colour is Key when packing for Africa: The worst possible colours to pack on safari are white and black. Neutrally toned colours are the order of the day. The aim of any safari is to blend in as much as possible, so that you do not disturb the wildlife you are viewing. This ensures that you are able to watch animals behaving naturally, and not running away from you (or towards you, which is certainly not ideal!). White is the most conspicuous colour on safari, and you will be seen from a mile away. This is most true while walking, an activity we highly recommend! White clothing should be avoided as it stands out against the muted browns and green tones of Africa. Please also do not pack safari clothing that is blue or black in colour, especially if you are going to an area with tsetse flies. These flies are the equivalent of tiny fighter jets, and deliver a very painful sting. The traps used to attract and catch tsetse flies are blue and black - and you do not want to become a mobile tsetse fly trap. The ideal colours for safari travel include Olive, Stone, Khaki, Mushroom, and Acacia. For the majority of African countries please do not pack camouflage safari clothing as camouflage clothing is illegal attire for civilians, and this law is strictly enforced. Some travellers have asked why colour is such an issue, when African tribesmen (for example the Masaai) wear bright colours in the bush. The answer is simple - they are not looking to view and photograph wildlife. Their main concern is protecting their cattle from attack by predators, and so they want to stand out as much as possible when in the bush (this assists them in chasing wild animals away from their precious livestock). All the safari clothing stocked by The Safari Store is neutral in colour, and based on the ideal colours for safari travel: Olive, Stone, Khaki, Mushroom, and Acacia. By designing our Rufiji range of clothing especially for travel to Africa, we take the guess work out of the packing process. Simply by purchasing and packing the Rufiji Safari Clothing range, you are taking the correct colours on safari. Furthermore, we have designed the Rufiji Clothing range using the latest in lightweight, strong cool fabrics (Ripstop MaraTech, BugTech, and Cotton Poplin), and advanced design to ensure that your safari clothing is also the ultimate in safari functionality. Please do use our detailed packing list to assist you as you pack for your safari. Please see the link to this on our home page, under the title 'FREE Packing List'. SafariElite Range is our Safari wear and SafariLife Range is our Everyday use wear.

I am making payment from outside the UK. What is the exchange rate you will use when I make payment?

The exchange rate is set by your credit card company at the time of purchase. You would need to speak with your credit card company directly to find out what the current rate is through them.

Having trouble proceeding to the Checkout page or the Payment page didn't come up?

Please ensure that ALL Delivery and Billing Address details, contact number and email address have been filled in correctly (use the tick box if they are the addresses are the same)

What is the difference between RID Roll-on & RID Spray?

The RID Roll-on and RID Spray are of the same formula. The Roll-on is a milky liquid and the Spray is a clear liquid. The Spray is a more popular seller as it is easier to apply and may be sprayed onto your clothing as well as onto your skin.

How to place an order?

Select all the items that you require. Once you are in the "Basket" enter the Delivery Postcode and click on Update basket. Then select the Delivery Option (UK deliveries over £50 are for free) and Proceed to Checkout. Complete the Billing and Delivery address. Use the tick box on the right, if the addresses are the same. Complete the Customer email address twice, tick that you have read the Terms and conditions and then Click on "Order Now". If you have any difficulty placing your order online please do not hesitate to contact us on 02071934751 (Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:00pm)

Do I need to create an Account or can I order once off?

You may order once off by not creating an account with us. By creating an Account will save your details so that when you wish to purchase from us again, you will not need to type in all your details as they will be saved.

Why do you take payment straight away when an item is back ordered?

Our card payment provider does not allow us to hold card details on our system for longer than a set period without releasing the payment. If we do not release your payment straight away then your payment would time out and the payment would be cancelled. We would then be unable to send your back order to you once it arrives.

Do you sell sunscreen?

We sure do! We have even developed our own brand of sunscreen to match the efficacy of RID insect repellent - as both work arm in arm to protect you against the sun and biting insects. Please click here to view our industry leading SafariSUN™ range. You will love it!

Why do you require extra information from me for my order?

For higher value orders, or where our bank has asked us to double check an order,before they are willing to release the payment, we may contact you requiring further information. Please note that our gut feel in most of these instances is that your transaction is legitimate and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We prefer to take these steps to protect our customers and online shopping in general against fraudulent transactions.

What is the difference between BUGTech™ and Nosilife?

Both BUGTech™ and Nosilife are effective at repelling insects away from your body by using an anti-insect finish in the fabric.. We know a lot more about the efficacy of BUGTech as it is our own brand, and we have had it independently tested, whereas Nosilife is also effective, but as it is not our brand, we do not have any test results for it. A quick summary of BUGTech™: -Our own insect-repellent brand of fabric which we developed & tested over a 2 year period. -After field testing the fabric we then sent it to an independent laboratory for testing. We are the only brand we know of who has published their test results (and they are impressive). Please find the test results in the images for all BUGTech™ products. -We are confident that it lasts for up to 25 washes.  -For the best protection please use with RID Insect repellent. 2. Nosilife: -This is a brand which we sell, but it was not developed by The Safari Store.  -Also offers good protection from insects. -We are not wholly convinced by the manufacturer claim that it provides protection for the lifetime of the garment and feel that it would be closer to 25 to 30 washes as with our BUGTech™. -For the best protection please use with RID Insect repellent.

What is the active ingredient in BUGTech™?

The active ingredient in our BUGTech™ fabric is permethrin which is used at the ultra low dosage of 500ppm. Permethrin is a man made version of a natural insect repellent found in certain Chrysanthemum plants. BUGTech™ utilises a proprietary permethrin formula to provide effective, odourless insect protection. In addition to affording protection from a host of biting insects including mosquitoes, flies, ticks, bed-bugs, fleas and midges, BUGTech™ also inhibits odour-causing bacteria and fabric degradation.

How do I select the correct size for clothing?

In order to make shopping with us even more of a pleasure, please do note the following about our sizes. Getting your sizes spot on first time round simply makes good sense. Please therefore ignore the body measurements on our size charts and use our garment measurements. All you need to do is measure up a similar garment which you already own. As an example if you are purchasing our Men's/Women's Rufiji MaraTech SafariElite LS Shirt, select a similar shirt which you wear and which is a comfortable fit, lay it flat on a table and measure from under the one arm, to under the other arm across the chest/bust. Please then compare this measurement to our garment measurement on the size chart for that product. By comparing garment measurements with garment measurements we find that our clients get their measurements spot on first time round. Please see our informative Size charts, specifically designed for each garment. You will find this in the same block as "Please Select Your Size" in each product page.

Am I able to use my UK size when I order?

Simply put, there is no such thing as a standard UK size anymore as there are so many international brands now available in the UK. It is for this reason that we ask clients to measure their garments, rather than assume their sizing. In coming to this conclusion we compared a number of high street brands to our sizes and what we found is that there was variation between the measurements for garments listed as the same size. As an example you may be a Size 8 in 3 stores and a Size 10 in another three stores. Garment measurements are the safest way to get your size correct.

Where do I put the Promotional / discount code?

When you are on the "Review Your Basket" page, after your order has been listed, is "Enter a promotion or voucher code" area, simply type in your promotional code here and click on "Update Basket". The discount will be applied where applicable.

Why don’t you use ages for boys and girls clothing size charts?

Very few people are the same size at the same age, and the same applies to children. It is for this reason that we do not include ages in our boys and girls size charts, but garment measurements. Each child's size varies at a given age so to get the best possible fit, it is best to measure a similar garment owned by your child and then simply compare to our size chart. This way you will be assured that you should get the best possible for fit for your child. Each product has its own how to measure guide and size chart.

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