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SafariSUN™ SPF15 SPORT Sunscreen (150ml)
This medium protection sunscreen was developed to protect your skin on outdoor adventures. Discover its comprehensive performance on safari, beach holidays, for sports and hobbies, and at the pool.
Key Features: ⊙ 150ml ⊙ SPF15 ⊙ UVA and UVB protection ⊙ Water resistant ⊙ Non-greasy ⊙ DNA repair ⊙ Moisturising.
Made for: ⊙ Safari ⊙ Outdoor pursuits: Fishing, Hiking, Walking ⊙ Travel ⊙ Everyday wear ⊙ Farming
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Product information

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About SafariSUN™ SPF15 SPORT Sunscreen (150ml):

⊙ Size: 150ml.
⊙ SPF15 (medium protection).
⊙ UVA and UVB protection.
⊙ Transparent sunscreen spray.
⊙ Water resistant.
⊙ Non-greasy.
⊙ DNA repair.
⊙ Moisturising.

Activities: ⊙ Safari; ⊙ Travel ⊙ Outdoor hobbies and sports ⊙ Everyday use ⊙ Beach trips ⊙ Relaxing by the pool

Introduction to SafariSUN™ SPF15 SPORT Sunscreen
We are obsessed about only offering you the best possible products to pack for your safari, beach holiday, weekend away, adventure into the great unknown, or even a day at the pool at home. Such is the level of our obsession that we have developed our very own sunscreen with an experienced team of scientists in South Africa.

Our aim for SafariSUN™ was simple: we wanted a to create a higher-end sunscreen made from superior ingredients that would be in a league of its own! SafariSUN™ SPF15 SPORT offers medium protection and is a broad spectrum, long-lasting transparent sunscreen spray that filters out UVA and UVB light, helping protect the skin against the harmful effects of the sun. Its texture on the skin, comprehensive performance, and ease of use make SafariSUN™ the ultimate choice in sun care. Each bottle is 150ml making SafariSUN™ great value when compared to other brands.

More information on SafariSUN™ SPF15 SPORT Sunscreen
SafariSUN™ is free from surfactants and emulsifying agents, making it water resistant and non-greasy. The unique formulation will not block pores and allows the skin to breathe. Within 30 seconds, there is no trace of SafariSUN's™ presence on your skin - no scent, no oiliness. It is a highly effective invisible barrier, making SafariSUN™ one of the only clean and effective sun-blockers. On the beach, sand will not stick to your skin.

The unique formulation of SafariSun™ also makes it water resistant and so, whether you are swimming or perspiring, the active ingredients remain on the skin, even in water. What’s more, SafariSUN™ contains a photo-stabiliser which ensures that the actives remain active on the skin and do not break down when exposed to UV light.

SafariSUN™ also contains "DNA Repair" ingredients that are documented to aid the skin in combating UV damage.

SafariSUN™ has earned the UVA compliance mark and contains moisturisers to combat the drying effects of the UV light.

The test methods used to assess the efficacy of SafariSUN™ are also compliant with recent global Cosmetics Europe (formerly Colipa) test methods. Cosmetics Europe has been the voice of Europe’s EUR 58.1 billion cosmetic, toiletry, and perfumery industry since 1962.

For sports use, SafariSUN™ will not interfere with your grip as it is completely non-sticky and non-greasy. Further to this, it will not stick to your clothes; nor will it stain them. The container is also the perfect size for your sports bags and easily fits into golf bags.

The SafariSUN™ bottle provides a continuous spray dispensing at the same rate right until the last drop - no squeezing of tubes - and you are able to spray when the container is upright, upside down, and anywhere in between. The bottles also have our unique TravelLock which ensures that, before breaking the seal, the SafariSUN™ bottles will not spray sunscreen while packed in your bag. To start using SafariSUN™, simply press hard on the golden actuator to break the plastic seal.

From an aesthetic point of view, we are very happy with the unique design of the SafariSUN™ bottle. Using clear labels on a matte finish, with colours and design inspired by the kikoys of Kenya, we believe that SafariSUN™ stands out not only in performance of the active ingredients, but also as a high-end sunscreen for discerning clients.

SafariSUN™ is a pharmaceutical grade quality and is manufactured in a world-class facility.

*SAVE £4.10 off the recommended retail price. What is more, as SafariSUN™ is our own brand, we do not have to factor in margins for trade customers. The result is that you get the 150ml of the best sunscreen available for much less than similar brands.
**Shipping information: We are sorry to say that, for the moment, our clients outside of the UK and Europe will not be able to enjoy the benefits of SafariSUN™ as we are not able to ship aerosols overseas.

Directions for use:
• Each bottle has our unique TravelLock to ensure that your SafariSUN™ does not leak while you travel. You will need to first break this TravelLock by pushing down hard on the top of the actuator. You will hear a soft snap as the TravelLock breaks. The actuator is the golden dispenser on top of the SafariSUN™ bottle.
• Hold your can of SafariSUN™ 15cm away from your skin and spray onto your skin.
• Use the palm of your hand to spread SafariSUN™ evenly.
• For maximum efficacy, please allow SafariSUN™ 30 seconds to dry before putting on clothing, entering water, or starting any outdoor activities.
• To apply to your face, spray SafariSUN™ on to the palm of your hand and then smooth over your face and neck.
• Re-apply every 3 hours or after prolonged water contact, excessive perspiration, or if you have towelled yourself down.

Product note:
While we have extensively expedition-tested SafariSUN™ with no effect to our clothing, the engineer behind the formula for SafariSUN™ has asked us to include the following note. In very rare cases, the sunscreen oils in the SafariSUN™ formula may stain clothing. This may occur when over-spray makes contact with fabric when spraying the arms and neck or, alternatively, when the user fails to allow 30 to 60 seconds for the product to dry before putting on clothing.

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Customer reviews

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Tania Kühl

28 Feb 2018

I spent a week in Botswana with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius. Spending most of my time outdoors, I applied SafariSUN two or three times during the day. It not only protected me from the harsh sun, but moisturized and cooled my skin. The best part is that it didn't make my hands greasy so I could take photos without worrying about leaving smudges on the camera.

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Additional information

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SafariSUN™ SPF15 SPORT Sunscreen - Further Information:

⊙ SUPERIOR FORMULA: This high-end, pharmaceutical grade sunscreen has been proven to effectively offer medium protection against UVA and UVB light. It has been specially developed to be easy wearing and, whether reclining by the pool or being active in the outdoors, it is designed to feel luxurious and nurturing on your skin and offer long-lasting, effective protection from the sun. It is also non-greasy and non-sticky - perfect for the outdoor sportsman and woman.

⊙ WATER RESISTANT: The unique formulation makes SafariSUN™ water resistant, which makes it a great choice for water sports and activities and keeps it effective even when perspiring in warm weather and during sports and outdoor hobbies.

⊙ SPF15: The Sun Protection Factor is a measure of the amount of the sun's ultraviolet rays that reach your skin. This SafariSUN™ sunscreen offers medium protection against UVA and UVB rays.

⊙ DNA REPAIR AND MOISTURISING: SafariSUN™ has earned the UVA compliance mark and contains DNA repair ingredients to combat UV damage and moisturise the skin.

⊙ SPRAY NOZZLE: SafariSun™ sunscreen comes in a spray bottle for even, easy application. TravelLock is a unique seal on the actuator to prevent leaking when you travel.

*SAVE £4.10 off the recommended retail price. What is more, as SafariSUN™ is our own brand we do not have to factor in margins for trade customers. The result is that you get the 150ml of the best sunscreen available today for much less than similar brands.
**Shipping information: We are sorry to say that for the moment our clients outside of the UK and Europe will not be able to enjoy the benefits of SafariSUN™ as we are not able to ship aerosols overseas.
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