Swarovski EL 10x32 SWAROVISION Binoculars (Sand Brown)

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The EL Traveler 10x32 binoculars are designed for the modern traveller. Smaller and lighter than the larger EL 42 binos, they offer compact size and the inherited optical performance of the EL range.


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Elements and Activities – Swarovski EL 10x32 Traveller SWAROVISION Binoculars (Sand Brown):

Quick Facts: ⊙ Weight: 601g; ⊙ Length: 138mm; Width: 126mm; ⊙ 10x magnification; ⊙ Effective objective lens diameter: 32mm; ⊙ Exit pupil diameter: 3.2mm; ⊙ Field of view: 360ft/1000yds / 120m/1000m; ⊙ Field of view: 6.9 degrees; ⊙ Field of view for eyeglass-wearers: 6.9; ⊙ Shortest focusing distance: 6.2ft/1.9m; ⊙ Light transmission: 90%

Activities: ⊙ Safari ⊙ Bird-watching ⊙ Travel ⊙ Hiking ⊙ Outdoors ⊙ Leisure ⊙ Adventure travel ⊙ Everyday use ⊙ Twilight viewing

Features: ⊙ Lightweight and strong magnesium housing with wrap-around rubber armouring; ⊙ Phase-coated roof prisms; ⊙ SWAROVISION technology for high image quality and colour fidelity, even on the fringes of your view; ⊙ Exceptional contrast and definition; ⊙ ⊙ SWAROBRIGHT coating for maximum colour fidelity; ⊙ SWAROCLEAN non-stick coating; ⊙ Fog-proof interior; ⊙ Comes with field bag, eyepiece cover, objective lens cover, and carrying strap

The EL Traveler 10x32 binoculars are designed for the modern traveller. Smaller and lighter than the larger EL 42 binos, they offer compact size and the inherited optical performance of the EL range.

Thanks to the EL wrap-around grip, the small EL 32 binoculars fit perfectly in your hand and are the ideal choice where size and weight are important factors. They impress with top marks for optics and luminosity, as well as for an outstanding field of view.

We usually stick to our guns when recommending the best combination of magnification and aperture of binoculars to take on safari. In our experience, we have found that a combination of 10x magnification and 42mm aperture works best for safaris. This is a view shared by our partners, including safari experts Tanzania Odyssey. So why have we recommended a pair of 10x32 Swarovski binoculars? The answer is simple. These are Swarovski EL binoculars and, as such, the quality of the optics is leagues above any other binocular brand and the smaller aperture is countered by the lens quality which ensures that the image you view is always brilliant and highly luminous. Simply put, these binoculars offer outstanding optic quality for high contrast images even in poor lighting conditions.

The designers at Swarovski have also been hard at work ensuring that these binoculars are built to suit today's travellers, especially travellers to Africa where weight and size are very important (in light of strict luggage allowances on internal flights). We are not saying that the EL 42 SWAROVISION binoculars are particularly heavy at 800 grams, but the Swarovski EL 32 Traveller Binoculars are incredibly light at only 600 grams and are compact at only 13.6 x 11.4 x 2 centimetres. EL certainly sets the standard for all other binocular manufacturers to try and achieve! The result: the EL 32s are brilliant, lighter, more compact binoculars for your safari and double up as a lens for your compact digital camera. Basically, all cameras with max. 4x optical zoom and extendable objective lens are suitable.

Technically perfect and lightweight, the Swarovski EL 10x32 Traveller Binoculars are the 'must-have' for any form of travel. They offer you a glimpse into a world that would otherwise forever remain undiscovered. The EL 32 can be carried effortlessly for long periods due to its low weight and the user-friendly compact construction. These binoculars not only sit extremely well in the hand but also fit in almost any outdoor coat - and they will fit easily into the back pocket of our Rufiji™ MaraTech™ Multi-Pocket Safari Gilet.

While not as good at close focusing as the Swarovski EL 10x42 SWAROVISION Binoculars, the close focussng on the Swarovski EL 10x32 Traveller Binoculars is still impressive at 2 meters or 6.6 feet. You will now be able to focus on wildlife as close as the length of your two arms.

The Swarovski EL 10x32 Traveler Binoculars uses high-quality technologies such as the SWAROBRIGHT coating for maximum color fidelity across the whole light spectrum and the SWAROTOP and SWARODUR coatings for bright, high-contrast images. The non-stick effect of the SWAROCLEAN coating on the outer surface of the lens makes cleaning objective and eyepiece lenses considerably easier, above all when removing dried-on mineral residues (e.g. water marks due to condensation), insect repellents, and resin which may have ended up there on your outdoor adventures. The lenses require less intensive cleaning which significantly increases the longevity of optical products.

Swarovski are the best low-light binoculars on the market. Their superior picture clarity and sharpness extends to darker conditions, giving you relatively bright images as dusk descends on afternoon game drives or when scanning the bush during sunset from the lodge. With illuminated picture quality, you will see more through your binoculars than viewing the same scene with the naked eye. Unimpeded by the harsh light of an intrusive flashlight, enjoy the extended intimacy of observing wildlife through your binoculars on safari, when birding, and for all outdoor excursions.

How to set up your binoculars for your eyesight:
1) We all have slightly different eyesight strengths and so you will need to set up your binoculars to suit your eyesight using the dioptre setting. If you do not do this, your binoculars will not focus correctly.
2) Please follow the instructions under the information tab for “Setting the Dioptre for your Binoculars”
3) The location of the dioptre may be different depending on your binoculars. Simply check your user manual to find out where the dioptre is on your binoculars. The same steps would still apply.

About Swarovski Optik:
Hand a pair of Swarovski binoculars to any experienced guide, keen birder, or nature lover, and their eyes will alight with wonder. These binoculars rank highly on the most-wanted list of every serious outdoorsman and woman. When it comes to optical perfection, only one name comes to mind: Swarovski. Swarovski Optik, an Austrian, family-owned company with a long optical tradition, has been producing high-quality binoculars and telescopes for over 50 years. As the world's leading optical goods manufacturers, Swarovski Optik sells products which are a synthesis of superior quality in terms of functionality and optical performance, coupled with an emphasis on aesthetic design. With a pair of Swarovski binoculars you will view greater definition than with the naked eye - especially true in low light!

About product
Swarovski EL 10x32 Traveller SWAROVISION Binoculars (Sand Brown)– Further Information:

⊙ SETTING THE DIOPTRE FOR YOUR BINOCULARS: It is crucially important that you set up your binoculars to account for your eyesight. Here is how you do it:
• Pick up your binoculars and look through them as you normally would;
• Close your right eye so that you are only looking through your left eye;
• Pick an object that has texture about 10 metres away and, looking through your left eye only, turn the Centre Focus knob until the object is in focus and crystal clear to view;
• Now, keeping your binoculars pointed at the same object, close your left eye and open your right eye;
• Using the dioptre (the movable ring) and only looking at the object through the right lens with your right eye, turn the dioptre until the object is in focus for your right eye;
• Your binoculars are now set for your eyesight.
• Only use the Centre Focus Knob for focusing from this point on.

• MAGNIFICATION: Binoculars are often referred to by two numbers separated by an "x". For example, 10x42. The first number is the power of magnification of the binoculars. With a 10x42 pair of binoculars, the image of the subject being viewed is brought ten times closer to you through your binoculars (compared to viewing the subject with the naked eye). Through our experience, we have found that a magnification of 10x is ideal for safaris. 8x magnification would do but we feel that, unless you have a specific reason for using 8x magnification binoculars (for example, if you are a birder heading to the forests of Uganda), it is always better to have the subject you are viewing 10 times closer. We also feel that at 10 times magnification lens shake does not come into play for 95% of people.

• OBJECTIVE LENS SIZE: The second number in the formula (10x42) is the diameter of the objective front lens, measured in millimeters. The larger the objective lens, the more light that enters the binocular, and the brighter the image. Through our experience, we have found that an objective lens size (aperture) of 42mm is the ideal for safaris to allow for as bright an image as possible in low lighting conditions.

• FIELD OF VIEW: The side-to-side measurement of the circular viewing field or subject area. It is defined by the width in feet or metres of the area visible at 1 000 yards or meters. A wide-angle binocular features a wide field-of-view and is better for following action. Generally, the higher the magnification, the narrower the field-of-view.

• EYE RELIEF AND EYEGLASS-WEARERS: Eye relief is the distance binoculars can be held away from the eye and still present the full field-of-view. Extended or long eye relief reduces eyestrain and is ideal for eyeglass wearers. Binoculars also come with twist-up, pop-up, or soft rubber fold-down eye cups so eyeglass-wearers can see the entire field of view.

If you are unsure which binoculars to pack, please do not hesitate to contact us
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