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Our safari survival kit of necessary and convenient safari accessories - including safari torches, safari insect repellent, safari gadgets, protection-on-safari products, and handy outdoor safari gear for African travel.

Safari Travel Adaptors

Safari  - UK-SA Travel Adaptor

UK-SA Travel Adaptor

Safari  - Worldwide Adaptor + USB

Worldwide Adaptor + USB


Safari Luggage Trolley Read our Safari Luggage Trolley Advice Guide

  • Pack a travel trolley for your safari to help you carry your soft-sided luggage.
  • You are not meant to take safari luggage which is hard-sided or which has a rigid frame and so using a travel trolley which is collapsible is a good idea.
  • Simply remove your safari travel trolley from your safari luggage when you do not need to wheel your safari luggage and either take into the cabin with you or see if you can check it in for your international flights.

Number of safari travel trolleys to pack for your safari:
1 x safari travel trolley per large safari bag.
*Note: Please ensure that no part of your safari luggage is touching the floor when you are wheeling it as this could damage your bag.

Safari  - Telescopic Travel Trolley

Telescopic Travel Trolley


Safari Locks & Scales

Safari  - TSA Brass Travel Sentry

TSA Brass Travel Sentry

Safari  - Digital Luggage Scale

Digital Luggage Scale

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