Safari Accessories By Kasuku

Capture the colours of Africa with a selection of kikoys, shukas, throws, and sarongs from Kasuku. From the distinctive colours of Maasai shukas to the colourful palette of our sarongs and kikoys, these versatile items can be used as a fashion item – on the beach or in the city as a scarf – or as a striking feature in the home as a tablecloth or throw. 

Safari Kikoys

On Sale Safari  - Marini Plain Sarong

Marini Plain Sarong in P-28

£22.50 £19.00 Save 16%
On Sale Marini Plain Sarong in colour P-43

Marini Plain Sarong in P-43

£22.50 £19.00 Save 16%
On Sale Marini Plain Sarong in colour P-05

Marini Plain Sarong in P-05

£22.50 £19.00 Save 16%
On Sale Marini Plain Sarong in colour P-47

Marini Plain Sarong in P-47

£22.50 £19.00 Save 16%

Safari Jackets & Fleeces Read our Safari Jackets & Fleeces Advice Guide

  • Children feel the cold faster than adults and so it is important when going on safari to pack a children's safari fleece to keep them warm and snug on early morning and evening game drives and through the African winter.
  • Pack a kid's safari fleece which is made from safari-friendly colours such as brown, greens, and khaki.
  • Pack a safari-coloured waterproof layer for each child if you are travelling over the rainy season for your safari.
  • Having lived in Africa through the rains we are also able to advise that the daytime temperature goes from very hot before the rains start, to much cooler once the rains have settled in. The difference may be as much as 10 to 15 degrees celsius below the average temperatures and so again we advise that a fleece or jacket is packed to keep you warm.

Number of boys' and girls' safari jackets or safari fleeces to pack for your safari:
1 x safari fleece or jacket; 1 x waterproof safari jacket should you be travelling over the rainy season.

Safari  - Kikoy Towels

Kikoy Towels in MK255

£42.00 £35.00 Save 17%
Kikoy Towels in colour MK236

Kikoy Towels in MK236

£42.00 £35.00 Save 17%
Kikoy Towels in colour MK328-13

Kikoy Towels in MK328-13

£42.00 £35.00 Save 17%
Kikoy Towels in colour MK333-3

Kikoy Towels in MK333-3

£42.00 £35.00 Save 17%
Kikoy Towels in colour MK360_3

Kikoy Towels in MK360_3

£42.00 £35.00 Save 17%
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