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Our in-house range of products combines beautiful, natural materials in classic designs for unmistakable safari style. Right at home on African travels, these items are striking and unique in every location.

Safari Gift Vouchers

Safari  - GBP50 Gift Card Voucher

GBP50 Gift Card Voucher in Lion

GBP50 Gift Card Voucher in colour Elephant

GBP50 Gift Card Voucher in Elephant

Safari  - GBP 500 E-gift Card

GBP 500 E-gift Card

Safari  - GBP 250 E-gift Card

GBP 250 E-gift Card

Safari  - GBP 100 E-gift Card

GBP 100 E-gift Card

Safari  - GBP 50 E-gift Card

GBP 50 E-gift Card

Safari  - GBP 25 E-gift Card

GBP 25 E-gift Card

Safari  - GBP25 Gift Card Voucher

GBP25 Gift Card Voucher in Lion

GBP25 Gift Card Voucher in colour Elephant

GBP25 Gift Card Voucher in Elephant

Safari  - GBP100 Gift Card Voucher

GBP100 Gift Card Voucher in Lion

GBP100 Gift Card Voucher in colour Elephant

GBP100 Gift Card Voucher in Elephant

Safari  - GBP250 Gift Card Voucher

GBP250 Gift Card Voucher in Lion

GBP250 Gift Card Voucher in colour Elephant

GBP250 Gift Card Voucher in Elephant


Safari Wallets Read our Safari Wallets Advice Guide

  • Keeping all your travel documents, money and cards in a travel wallet makes good sense.
  • While borders in African vary tremendously, they can be disorganised. The more disorganised the border the more organised you want to be.
  • As always be savvy and keep some money and cards in another location just in case your travel wallet goes missing.

Number of travel wallets to pack:
1 per person.

Safari  - Classic Safari Travel Wallet

Classic Safari Travel Wallet in Tan

Classic Safari Travel Wallet in colour Green

Classic Safari Travel Wallet in Green


Safari Insect Repellent Read our Safari Insect Repellent Advice Guide

  • Pack a highly-effective safari insect repellent for your safari - whether or not you are going to a malaria area. If you don't pack an effective insect repellent, the constant annoyance of insects such as mosquitoes, midges, and flies may dampen your enjoyment of your safari.
  • In areas with tropical diseases which are carried by insects - such as malaria - the higher the quality of the safari insect repellent you pack and constantly apply while on safari, the lower the chance of contracting any disease or illness. "Don't get bitten" just about sums up this line of thinking.
  • Insect repellents that are made and tested in tropical areas - and which are used daily in places such as Australia - we have found to be the best on numerous field tests in Africa. This is the reason why we personally use Australian-made insect repellent on our own safaris and expeditions and why we believe that you should too.
  • Apply insect repellent frequently to both your skin and clothing. For your face, spray the repellent into your hand and then apply it to your skin. Do not get it into your eyes and follow the instructions on the insect repellent bottle. For your clothing, check first that the safari insect repellent you use does not stain or damage your clothing and then apply it all over your trousers, shirt, hat, and shoes.
  • Always re-apply insect repellent after physical activities, sweating, swimming, or towelling yourself down.
  • Only use insect repellents for your safari which contain up to a maximum of 40% DEET. Some manufacturers include more DEET than that in their formula, but it does not increase the efficacy of the repellent - only the length of time it stays on your skin. Rather re-apply more frequently than use a repellent with more than 40% DEET.
  • Travel tip: Many of our clients make the mistake of only packing insect repellent for their safari and not for their beach holiday after their safari. Simply put, the risk of malaria is greater in coastal, tropical areas where there are usually much higher concentrations of people than in the wilderness and back country of Africa where you will go on safari. Pack enough insect repellent to cover your beach holiday - or onward travel in Africa - too.
  • Number of bottles of safari insect repellent to pack:
    Up to 4-day safari: 1 x bottle per person; Up to 8-day safari: 2 x bottles per person; Up to 12-day safari: 3 x bottles per person

    *Local conditions such as the time of year and presence of rain will determine the number of insects you may encounter on your safari. We prefer to err on taking a few too many bottles on safari than running out. For any extras after your safari, note that most insect repellents should last for a number of years and you will be able to use them at home during the summer months.

    New In Safari  - Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser

    Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser

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