How to Pick the Best Flashlight

How to Pick the Best Flashlight

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C. Fraser Claire

As the days get shorter, light up the extra hours of darkness with the brightest flashlight.

The Lighter Side of Life: The Quick Guide to the Best Flashlight

A torch is a useful accessory for safety and convenience all year round - although the shorter days make them extra handy during shorter days. It is often helpful to have a torch stowed away in more than one location for power outages or occasions when you might need an extra little bit of light. Torches are also an essential for outdoorsmen and women - especially if you have overnight plans. On safari, we recommend a rechargeable LED flashlight as a safari essential for nighttime safety. Whatever your plans, remember to keep things light. Keep reading to get top tips on picking a torch light, head torch, or lantern and shop our favourites below.

Top Tips for Picking the Best Flashlight

  1. Hand torch, head torch, or lantern torch: The best torch type for you will depend on what you have planned. A hand torch is a classic and the strong beam gives a shaft of concentrated light. These tend to be the brightest flashlight of the three options and give you the ability to quickly illuminate on target. A head torch is great for hands-free light on the move - just what you need to see what you're doing on camping trips or during pesky power outages. Sometimes, a central light is the order of the day (or night). A rechargeable lantern torch is enormously useful around the house, around camp, or for dark corners of your garage or shed.
  2. Battery type and run time: LED torches have made long-lasting, easy-to-charge, lightweight and compact torches the norm over clunky, battery-operated versions. Run time is measured in hours and this measurement will guide you according to application.
  3. Lumens and Range: If you are shopping for brightness, the light output of torches are measured in lumens. This gives you an idea of the light output to expect (often across different light settings). However, do not shop on lumens alone. Always look at range and lumens together. The beam distance is measured in metres and gives you an idea of how far the light will shine.
  4. Size and weight: Again, buying torches for purpose will determine the ideal size and weight. If you are looking to keep a torch in your backpack or handbag, the lighter and more compact the better. Size and weight have no bearing on power, but take a look at output and run time to get the perfect combination of features.

LedLenser Favourites from The Safari Store

LedLenser is an award-winning, international brand of torches of outstanding quality. Tens of millions of people around the world own and use LedLenser torches - and our team is proudly amongst them. As a safari, camping, and everyday essential, the following are our top picks from our range. Whether you are buying a torch for travel, outdoors, security, automotive, industry, or professional trades, if you need extra light in your life, pick up a Led Lenser torch today.

The Best Hand Torches

LedLenser X21.2 Best Flashlight Hand Torch LedLenser X21.2 Torch
• Extremely light LED - up to 1500lm and a range of up to 600m
• Takes 4 x D-cell batteries, with battery life of up to 50 hours
• Casing is light, strong, durable, and splash-proof
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The Best Flashlight and Torch - LedLenser P7 Core from The Safari Store LedLenser P7 Core Torch
• Up to 450lm, with a range of up to 260m
• Battery life up to 25 hours (takes AAA batteries).
• Three light settings
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Best Flashlights - Ledlenser P5R Core Rechargeable Torch from The Safari Store LedLenser P5R Core Rechargeable Torch
• Up to 500lm, with a range of up to 250m
• Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 25 hours.
• Smart Power Technology light settings to meet your needs.
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The Best Flashlight - LedLenser P5 Core Torch from The Safari Store LedLenser P5 Core Torch
• Up to 150lm, with a range of up to 90m.
• Runs on AAA or L-ion rechargeable batteries, with a battery life of up to 12 hours.
• Three light functions and the choice between spotlight or floodlight.
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LendLenser P3 Core Best Flashlight LedLenser P3 Core Torch
• Up to 90lm, with a range of up to 110m
• Takes one AAA battery. Lasts up to 6 hours.
• Anti-splash and anti-corrosive properties
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LedLenser Head Torch

The Best Flashlight - LedLenser H5 Core LED Headlamp from The Safari Store LedLenser H5 Core LED Headtorch
• Up to 350lm, with a range of up to 160m
• Powered by 2 AAA 1.5V batteries, with a battery life of up to 20 hours
• Three power settings and choice of floodlight or spotlight focus.
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LedLenser Torch Lantern

LedLenser ML6 Torch Lantern Best Flashlight LedLenser ML6 Rechargeable Torch Lantern
• Up to 750lm
• USB rechargeable and runs up to 70 hours
• Packed with features like power bank capability, a magnetic base, three light functions, and many more
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