The Ultimate Safari Sun Care

The Ultimate Safari Sun Care

Safari Sun Care: Sunscreen, Sun Protective Clothing, and Accessories To Beat The Burn

Sun care is important every day. If life takes you on an African safari (and we hope it does - many times!), safari sun care is essential. A bad sunburn is red, prickly, painful, and - of course - has potentially dangerous long-term health implications. The sun in many safari destinations can be particularly fierce. Add being out and about on boats or open game viewers - or relaxing at the pool at the lodge between activities - and the risk of getting sunburn is high.

Sun Care and Sun Safety on Safari

Nothing should interfere with your enjoyment on safari - least of all sunburn! Following a few simple safari packing tips can keep you cool, protected from the sun, and looking stylish in all warm-weather destinations. Whether you are exploring on a walking safari, taking in the sights on a boat cruise or mokoro, or on an open game-viewer, follow our simple sun protection safari advice for fun in the sun on safari.

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Sunscreen, UPF Clothing, and Safari Sun Care Accessories: Where To Start

Cover Up: The most effective way to avoid sunburn is to cover up with long-sleeved safari shirts and trousers. The most comfortable way to do this in hot weather is with safari clothing in technical fabrics. BUGTech™ and SAFARITech are both ultra-lightweight fabrics that wick moisture and dry quickly to help you regulate temperature - with built-in UPF50+ sun protection.

Sunscreen: Pack enough sunscreen to apply and reapply regularly to exposed skin. Choose a sunscreen with high sun protection factor like SPF30 or SPF50+. Pick a sunscreen that provides both UVA and UVB protection - and one that is water resistant and long-lasting. Keep it in your day pack during activities.

Wide-Brimmed Hat: A wide-brimmed safari hat is a top safari essential. This provides sun protection for the face and neck and every hat in our range has a wide brim with a high SPF rating.

Sun Protection Accessories: Get extra protection with the Vintage Print Head&Neck Scarf. This useful accessory is made from lightweight fabric with nanoweave technology that is windproof, with built-in UPF50+ and 8 ways to wear it.

Children's safari sun protection: If you are travelling with children, invest in sun protective BUGTech™ children's safari clothes and ensure they use a suitable sunscreen for sensitive skins. Ensure they re-apply regularly - especially if they are active or swimming.

Applying Sunscreen and Insect Repellent Together: Always follow the instructions on the bottle. The CDC recommends applying sunscreen first and waiting ten minutes before applying insect repellent.

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Sun care on safari: sun protective safari clothes by The Safari Store

Safari Sun Care Shopping Guide:

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