What To Pack For A Botswana Safari To The Okavango Delta

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From Moremi and Khwai to the Panhandle and Beyond, Pack the Essentials For the Okavango Delta

Find Out What To Pack For A Botswana Safari To The Okavango Delta

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What to pack for a Botswana safari to the Okavango Delta by The Safari Store

What To Pack For A Safari To Botswana: Moremi, Khwai, and the Panhandle in the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is one of the most popular safari destinations. With light aircraft buzzing in and out to remote camps and their neighbouring concessions, there are a variety of safari experiences on the go for every traveller. Luxury safaris, mobile safaris, self-drive safaris, camping, wetland, dryland, mekoros, the Okavango by air, the Okavango on foot, game drives, horse safaris, fishing trips - it all happens along the length of this immaculate natural wonder.

Whatever your Okavango adventure looks like, the right packing advice goes a long way when it comes to the success of your safari. With strict luggage restrictions on small charters, packing light and packing right are top priorities. Use our Okavango Delta safari packing guidelines to get started and use our comprehensive, intuitive safari packing list tool for a comprehensive checklist.

What to wear in the Okavango Delta by The Safari Store

Dressing For The Delta
The right safari clothing ticks all the boxes for every kind of Okavango safari. Ultra-lightweight, fast-drying clothing that offers sun and insect defence is the best option. With high daytime temperatures all year, covering up can be comfortable in moisture wicking, feather-light clothing in safari-friendly colours. Dressing in layers is the best way to ensure you're comfortable throughout the day.

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What To Pack For a Botswana Safari To the Okavango Delta

  • Pack Light - And Into The Right Suitcase: The first challenge of packing for a safari to the Delta is to pack light, but to pack enough for every kind of activity on offer. If you are going on a fly-in safari that involves a light aircraft, strict luggage restrictions will apply so packing wisely is a must. Check the dimensions of your bag and hand luggage with the charter company - and make sure to pack into a soft-sided duffel or holdall that can squash into the hold without damage.

  • Invest in the Best Safari Clothes: Make sure you pack safari clothes in neutral hues like khaki or olive green. This is especially important if you are game-viewing on foot or from a mokoro - and you don't want to miss out on those activities if they're on offer. As above, pick clothing made from lightweight technical fabrics. This means you can cover up for protection from the sun or to prevent insect bites, while the fabric wicks moisture to keep you cool and comfortable. Quick-drying fabric also means you can wash and wear your clothing on repeat, which helps with packing light. Whatever activities you have in mind, choose interchangeable pieces that are stylish and comfortable.

  • Prepare For Changing Conditions: Certain rules apply all year round on this point. It's important to remember that it can get cold in summer and hot in winter. You will need a fleece or jacket all year round. We have observed below-freezing temperatures in Botswana over winter, so the low winter temperatures are not to be underestimated. Just add the wind in your hair on a boat ride or game viewer and you will almost certainly find yourself shivering. Many camps provide ponchos and hot water bottles, but don't forget to pack this safari essential. Pick safari clothing that offers versatility around changing conditions - like convertible safari trousers or long-sleeved safari shirts with roll-up sleeve tabs. Especially as the wet summer months approach, a packable waterproof layer is also advisable just you end up on the back of an open game viewer in a sudden shower.

  • Sun Protection Essentials: The sun can be biting and sometimes inescapable during activities like game drives on open game viewers or exploring the channels on a mokoro. A bad sunburn can be painful and bad for your skin, so sun protection is a top essential for Botswana. Cover up in sun protective clothing like our SAFARITech Sun Shirts and BUGTech™ clothing. Apply and re-apply an effective sunscreen.

  • Pack For Activities: There are so many different ways to experience the Delta. Our advice is to enjoy as many of them as possible. Don't miss out on walks or walking safaris, boat rides or mokoro adventures. Pack comfortable clothing for walking or sitting - and long hours in the sun. This includes lightweight, sun protective clothing in neutral, safari-friendly colours. Make sure your walking boots or shoes have been worn in and suitable for walking in no-trails wonderful wilderness. Anti-blister socks are the best walking socks, with a tactel double layer to wick moisture and prevent blisters.

  • Prioritise Insect Defence: Avoiding insect bites is imperative in malaria areas. With some areas of swamp and many waterways, prepare yourself for many insects. To avoid the discomfort and worry of bites - and simply to repel the presence of buzzing, irritating midges and flies - cover up in BUGTech™ clothing and regularly apply effective insect repellents.

  • Invest in the Best Binoculars: For the best game-viewing, a pair of high-quality binoculars is a must! Sightings don't always happen up close and this number one safari accessory makes sure you don't miss out on any of the action in these vast landscapes.

  • Take a Torch: Tuck a torch into your luggage. This is an important safety tool for nighttime on safari - especially in unfenced and mobile camps. Keep an eye out for wildlife, insects, and snakes after the sun goes down. It's also a useful tool to scan your tent or suite in low-light.

Okavango Delta Safari Packing Guide

Every item available from The Safari Store has been made for Africa and designed to perform for outdoor pursuits. No matter the shape and form of your Delta adventure, our safari clothing, luggage, and accessories are the perfect match to keep every safari traveller comfortable, protected, and looking stylish for the best experiences. In fact, as part of our expedition tested™ philosophy, our clothing and gear has the Delta as part of its story. Our team went on a self-poled mekoro trip along the length of the Okavango Delta to test the performance of the fabrics to ensure we sweat so you don't have to.

Safari Shirts
Long-sleeved safari shirts in technical fabrics like BUGTech™ or SAFARITech are our top recommendation for the Delta. With features like built-in UPF50+ and insect defence, moisture wicking, roll-up sleeve tabs, and feather-light construction, they offer great performance benefits for conditions in the Delta. Mix and match with comfortable T-shirts in lightweight fabrics and safari-friendly colours.
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Safari Trousers and Shorts
Covering up in lightweight technical fabrics will be the gold standard for dressing for the Okavango Delta. Convertible trousers that give you the option of longs or shorts are the best for versatility and convenience. However, our BUGTech™ fabric is light enough to cover up in comfort as the day heats up. Add non-technical cargo pants or joggers and shorts in safari-friendly colours for choices during your adventure.
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Safari-Tested Sun Protection
The sun is often unavoidable during Delta activities - especially if you're out on the water on a mokoro. Avoid red, painful sunburn by taking sun protection clothing and accessories. Covering up is the best way to avoid sunburn. Our BUGTech™ and SAFARITech clothing, as well as our Vintage Print Head&Neck Scarves, have built-in UPF50+. Make sure you apply and re-apply high-SPF, effective sunscreen and add a wide-brimmed safari hat for extra protection on the face.
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Safari Jackets and Fleeces
No matter what time of year you travel, make sure you take a warm layer. It is a myth that it doesn't get cold in Africa. Biting cold game drives, boat cruises, and transfers shouldn't be a memory in your dream trips. We have often witnessed people looking terribly uncomfortable on the roads to and in Delta parks and concessions and the plunge in temperature shouldn't be underestimated. Especially in the rainy season, a packable, compact waterproof layer is a useful garment to tuck into your daypack in case of a downpour. With windproofing and sun protective features, our Vintage Print Head&Neck Scarf is a great accessory to wear over your neck or face.
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Insect Defence
High temperatures, proximity to water, and sometimes swamp-like conditions are the perfect conditions for insects. Don't let malaria - or the irritation of biting, buzzing bugs - worry you as you explore this incredible destination. Regularly re-apply a reliable insect repellent spray and make sure you pack more than you think you'll need for your time away to be safe. Cover up in clothing with built-in insect defence like our bestselling BUGTech™ clothing. Take along a bite and sting relief spray in case of a breach in your defences.
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Binoculars From Top Brands
Spotting and appreciating the beauty of wildlife and birds is such a big part of every safari experience. Pack a pair of high-quality binoculars per person for the best game-viewing and birdwatching. Don't miss out on retreating leopards or tail twitches in the grass - and don't let blurry, poor-quality optics create frustration. This is the top safari essential, especially across vast wilderness areas and for looking into thickets.
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Safari Shoes
Make sure a pair of closed shoes makes it into your suitcase to wear around camp at night. If walking is an option, make sure to take a pair of walking shoes or boots to experience the magic of wild Botswana on foot. Strong, lightweight sandals are great for giving your feet a breather in hot weather.
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Anti-Blister Socks
A blister can ruin everything - from walking safaris to short strolls in hot weather. Our anti-blister socks are the best choice for Africa, with high-performance wicking yarns and a double layer for reduced friction. They also offer structured support and features for cooling.
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Safari Luggage and Bags
For fly-in safaris or mobile safaris, space comes at a premium. The kind of luggage and restrictions around weights and dimensions make clever packing a must to avoid stressful luggage woes on the go. Our safari duffel bags are made from safari-grade cotton canvas and leather and are soft and squashable - perfect for safari. The range includes shoulder bags and satchels that are great for game drives, day trips, and activities. They look the part too - styled to look great no matter where you take them.
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