Ethiopia is prone to many misconceptions, but Philip Briggs' highly praised, fully updated guide refocuses the lens to reveal an ancient country that continues to confound expectations.


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Features: ⊙624 Pages; ⊙16pp Colour photos; ⊙70 Maps


While the world taps its feet, Ethiopia break-dances with its shoulders. Bradt's Ethiopia is the most thorough guide available to this vibrant land of majestic landscapes, rich history and welcoming people. Ever since its first publication, its blend of enthusiasm and down-to-earth advice, it has attracted rave reviews from both the travel press and readers alike. 

Philip Briggs is an Africa expert. Over a 15-year association, he has written ten Bradt guides including Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi.
Explore Lalibela’s rock-hewn churches and other mysterious historical sites.
Visit the famous hyena man of Harar. Hike through the spectacular Simien Mountains. Track the rare Ethiopian wolf, spectacular Gelada monkey and other endemics and learn the basics of Amharigna.

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We really do rely heavily on Bradt guides for planning our own travels to Africa. Bradt guides contain lots of indepth information for the traveller, whether you are going to Africa on a luxury tailormade holiday, or backpacking. GPS coordinates have been a god send for our expeditions into the wildest areas of Africa. 

What really sets the Bradt guides apart is the fact that the authors have a vested interest in ensuring that each guide is the quintessential, comprehensive, authoritative, up-to-date source of travel information for you. Many of the authors have been editing and updating their guide book for years on end, and the books are an evolving labour of love
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The Daily Telegraph

7 Mar 2018

Thorough and reassuring, it provides all the practical and background information to make readers leap from their armchairs and visit this vast, magical country.

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