Creating crafts for conservation

These unique trees are hand-crafted from snare wire collected by anti-poaching units from various game reserves in Zululand, South Africa. The proceeds received for the sale of the SnareTrees then go back to the game reserves to protect wildlife through their de-snaring and anti-poaching programmes.

How are the trees made?

From snare to acacia - turning something cruel into something beautiful.

COLLECT Our team heads out to collect snare wire which has been removed from game reserves. Snare wire is used to inhumanely trap animals for poaching purposes.

CLEAN The wire is de-contaminated by placing it in a hot fire. This process also makes the wire easier to handle afterwards.

CREATE The wire is then cut into long, straight pieces. These pieces get plaited, twisted, and shaped into beautiful acacia trees.

CAUSE The trees are sold on our website and a percentage of the proceeds go back into the reserve where the snare wire was collected and a set amount goes to the talented craftsman who creates them.

Why acacia trees?

Acacia trees represent Africa. They are always present on safari and are often the only trees around to provide shade for the animals. These trees offer protection and that is exactly what we aim to do through the project.

How do I get one?

To order a tree, click on the link below or e-mail our friendly sales team at

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A snare Acacia at home in South Africa
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